The Fleet inspires San Diegans of all ages to lean into the world of science through immersive programs, hands-on demonstrations, interactive experiences and exciting events. We do this by leveraging science organizations and resources already in local communities and creating a network dedicated to the shared goal of supporting science within neighborhoods. The Fleet sparks passion, fosters interest and inspires the greater San Diego community through the lens of science and technology so that everyone deepens their appreciation and passion for science.   

A group of people toasting around a fancy table Events

A Look Back to the Future

A celebration of science with all the fun of a music video.
Young girl with large headphones and closed eyes, smiling with a rainbow overlaid on top in the corners Events

Accessibility Mornings

A sensory-friendly experience
A blue and purple gradient over a picture of three hot air balloons in the sky Events

AIR Show

Explore the AI Revolution in Education
Dark blue, yellow and orange bands runs accross image with a colorful Art for Planetary Health logo mark at the top. Events

Art for Planetary Health

Explore the interconnectedness of human health and planetary ecosystems through the power of art
Female teacher helping a girl look through a microscope Events


Engaging young women in STEM
image of a starry universe with a person made out of stars holding a sphere with tree in the middle  with James Hood's Beautifica words on the background. Events


From the creators of the multi award-winning Mesmerica comes a brand-new epic immersive experience unlike any other.
A woman playing violin surrounded by hundreds of candles Events

Candlelight Concerts

Candlelight Concerts are a series of original music concerts created by Fever
A man with a boy and two girls smile with arms around each other posing for a photo Events

Community Mornings

Community Mornings are a way to think equitably and mitigate barriers to learning, engagement, and community-building.
A young girl young boy and woman all lean in around the edges of a foaming beaker and appear to be blowing on the bubbles Events

Demo Days

Explore your ingenuity and creativity with themed science projects.
Two girls in a dome IMAX theater lean into each other and smile while looking at the screen. The farther girl is pointing up at the dome. Program Category

Dome Theater Shows

Elevate your classroom experiences with your choice of documentary in our immersive Giant Dome Theater
The outside of the Fleet Science Center building during the morning Events

Early Mornings

Kickstart your day with early morning fun at the Fleet
Two women smile and introduce themselves to a foreground woman who is out of frame Events

Educator Open House

An evening of networking educators to explore and engage with Fleet resources for STEM education.
Woman in white shirt looking at camera and smiling Events

Educator Workshops

Professional Development for teachers, after-school providers and informal educators
A woman presenting to a crowd in a darkened room while holding notes Events

Exploring Ethics

Engage with scientific discovery from an ethical viewpoint
Teenaged blonde boy looks through a microscope on a table Program Category

Family Science Nights

Family Science Nights are fun and engaging events that bring together children, parents and teachers to experience hands-on science investigations.
A young girl wearing a pink backpack walks onto a school bus and smiles at the camera Program Category

Field Trips at the Fleet

Discounted gallery admission for school groups and field trips
Fleet After Dark. A dark sky with a glowing cloud and Fleet After Dark in the middle of glowing ring. Events

Fleet After Dark

Get ready to have an absolute blast at Fleet After Dark!
An asian woman and a young black girl work together to build a neighborhood on a wood block table Events

Fleet on the Go

Bringing our engaging exhibits and interactive experiences directly to your community
Two school aged kids look on a foaming beaker. The front girl holds foam bubbles in her hand and smiles. Events

Genius in the House

What can take your fun day at the science center to the next level?
A man in a red shirt in action hitting a symbol with a drumstick Program Category

Global Soundscapes

An ear-opening journey into the science of sound and the emerging field of soundscape ecology
A young girl in glasses smiles at the camera while holding a craft made whimsical garden Program Category

Hands-On Workshops

Bring your students to our "classroom"
Two young boys holding painted tubes leaning over a beaker of water in a classroom Events

Junior Science Club

Explore and experiment in a variety of STEM fields
A woman stands next to an orange statue of herself Events

Monumental Women in STEM

Celebrate with us the remarkable contributions of six local female STEM professionals who have been nationally recognized by the IF/THEN initiative
A hispanic woman gives a young hispanic girl a piggy-back ride in front of a vibrant abstract mural on a wall outside. Events

Neighborhood Networks

Working with the community of those who share a passion for science.
Two women and a man stand shoulder to shoulder in front of an ivy covered background. The man is standing in the middle. Events

San Diego STEM Ecosystem

Coordinating efforts and aligning resources to provide quality STEM education
A green and blue graphic with english on the green side and spanish on the left. The background is a pattern of line art science related items. The english reads '2023 San Ysidro STEM Fair' and the spanish reads '2023 Feria de Ciencia de San Ysidro' Events

San Ysidro STEM Fair

The annual San Ysidro STEM Fair brings together community partners to offer o
A curly haired woman in a black lab coat pours dry ice into a pot on a blue table Program Category

Science Assembly Shows

Incredible live science shows bringing students and science together
Three young girls pose with pipets and test tubes while wearing safety goggles Events

Science Clubs

Cultivate your curiosity in STEM
A young woman in a coral shirt smiling while talking to another woman whose back is to the camera Events

Science Communication Workshops

Interactive professional development opportunities
A close up of two girls using a magnifying glass to look at preserved bugs Program Category

Science to Go Programs

Let us come to you
A group of women and two girls wearing matching shirts and smiling Events


Inspiring students to become innovative and creative thinkers
A young boy leans on a table and grins while looking at a beakers with red and blue liquid Events

Scout Workshops

Earn a badge while connecting with other scouts

Senior Mondays

An engaging lecture followed by an exciting show in the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater for seniors 65 and better
A view of people sitting in theater style chairs in a darkened room from behind. The people are front lit so we only see the outlines of the seated people. The top of the image is brighter and has a purple and blue glow. Events

Sharp Minds

Engage with local scientists as they discuss their latest research and discoveries.

STEM Camps

Turning curious kids into happy campers
Woman tinkering with colored paper on a cutting mat Events

Studio X

Everyone has an eXciting, innovative side, and Studio X is a place where families can eXplore it
A professional dressed woman holding a marker leans against a wall with large sheets of paper and writing. Events

Teacher Partner Program

Training, tools and programmatic support for educators
Two women playing in a white ball pit Events

The Ball Pool

Sink into the Fleet’s ball pool
Spiral galaxy Events

The Sky Tonight

Now experience more The Sky Tonight with additional shows
A group of people pose in a brewery and smile at the camera Events

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar®

Join local scientists for a good conversation at a local bar
A toddler boy looks at a marble run and smiles widely Events

Young Scientists

Discover the wonders of science together

Donate to the Rock-It Science Fund

Support comprehensive programming for all ages and communities.