Embark on a sonic adventure with Global Soundscapes, a captivating exploration of Earth's symphony. Through breath-taking visuals surround sound and live presentations, become engrossed in the science of sound and the emerging field of soundscape ecology. 

Investigate the dramatic soundscapes of Costa Rica’s rainforests, Hawaii’s coral reefs and Mongolia’s vast grasslands.  

Learn about the tools that scientists use to record and analyze sounds. Explore basic acoustics through interactive activities and incredible slow-motion footage of pulsating musical instruments, vibrating vocal cords and slobbering “raspberries.” Discover what soundscapes tell us about the health of our planet. 

With Global Soundscapes’ unique format, you’ll hear the Earth in a whole new way! 

The shows are 45 minutes long and appropriate for grades K–6. 


  • $400 for up to 150 students 
  • $2 per additional student 
  • Maximum of 175 students per show. 


To schedule Global Soundscapes, please make your reservation at least two weeks in advance. We have flexible scheduling options based on availability. After you complete a Request Form, a member of our education team will contact you to confirm your booking. 

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