ADA Compliance: The Fleet Science Center is fully compliant with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and reserves the right to require changes to your event, equipment, decor and any other element to maintain ADA compliance. 

Bar Services: Beer and wine service is available through the Craveology Café for additional charges for bar packages and staffing. In certain cases, the Fleet may allow your caterer to provide beer and wine for your event, with a required 60-day advance arrangement. Our Special Events Department is happy to talk with you to determine your needs. 

Catering: The Fleet Science Center will provide a list of preferred caterers. Outside caterers are subject to an additional fee plus approval by the Fleet. Outside caterers also must provide a certificate of insurance covering liability and/or damage to Fleet facilities and must abide by all Fleet rules and regulations. No open-flame decorations, candles or presentations are allowed inside the Fleet. 

Decorations: No decorations may be permanently attached to any Fleet walls, ceilings, doors or floors. All decorations must be approved in advance by the Fleet’s Special Events Department. All decorations must be removed immediately after the event. The Fleet is not responsible for any decorations or other items left behind.  No open-flame candles are allowed, except small birthday candles on birthday cakes. 

Equipment: The Fleet can provide equipment, including tables, chairs, linens and other items for additional charges. Outside equipment vendors must be approved by the Fleet at least 30 days in advance and must provide a certificate of insurance at least 14 days before the event. Equipment drop-offs may not be earlier than the day of the event and must be picked up no later than the day after the event. 

Event Hours: Fleet operating hours are 10 a.m.–5 p.m., 365 days a year. Events that begin earlier than 6 p.m. are subject to additional charges for early closure and/or for cancellation of any films scheduled that day. All events must end before midnight.  

Insurance: Clients and any contracted caterers or other vendors must have a certificate of insurance on file with the Fleet at least 14 days prior to the event listing the Fleet as certificate holder and with a separate endorsement as additionally insured. 

Maintenance: Caterers and other vendors are responsible for cleaning up after their own operations. Additional charges may be applied against your deposit for any messes or damage to facilities caused by any contracted vendors working at your event. 

Parking: Several large free parking areas are available near the Fleet. Availability is subject to other events taking place in Balboa Park. You may contract valet parking services from local vendors for your event. 

Security: The Fleet requires security staffing for all events. We contract with an outside vendor and estimate charges as part of the event contract. The Fleet requires a minimum of two guards plus one additional security officer for each additional 100 people, with a four-hour minimum per officer. 

Setup/Clean-Up: No setup for any event may take place before the day of the event. All cleanups must be completed immediately following the event. Early setup on the day of the event must be approved by the Special Events Department and may be subject to charges for early closure. Setup using Fleet’s equipment will be handled by Fleet staff and is included in the event rental charges. 

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the Fleet Science Center and in Balboa Park by a City of San Diego ordinance. 

Staffing: Fleet event staff will be available throughout your event. Fleet staff are not available to assist contracted vendors with their equipment or operations.  Please be certain that your vendors have adequate staffing to support the event. 

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