Private Film Screenings  


Enhance your special event by screening a documentary in the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater as an event add-on.  


$9.95 per person 

IMAX and large-format feature films 

What’s better than enjoying a favorite film in larger-than-life format with family, friends or colleagues?  We can help you choose from our extensive catalogs of IMAX and other large screen format films from Warner Bros., Paramount and many other studios. We will be happy to contact our booking agent about the film you’d like to see.    


Private screenings: $3,000 for two hours, maximum 250  

Private screenings of IMAX films in current release: $4,000, maximum 250 

Private Gaming 

Take your next gaming session to another level. We provide a Nintendo Switch console and a library of popular games. You may bring your own games, subject to approval by our gaming supervisors, or request a game, which we will see if we can acquire. 


$3,000 for two hours, maximum 80* 

*Up to four players at one time, five-minute sessions 

Private Events 

Host an event featuring your own content, such as video or music. We can provide additional graphic design and audio-visual services, based on your needs. Need time to rehearse? No problem; talk to our experienced Special Events Department.  


Private event: $3,000, two hours, maximum 250 

Rehearsal time in the Dome: $100 per hour.   

Graphic design services: $100 per hour  

Audio-visual services: $100 per hour 

A photo taken from behind a row of young kids sitting in stadium seating. They are playing a four player video game which is projected onto the large imax screen in front of them.
A group of young teens and kids sit in stadium seating with the front three holding game controllers. They are smiling and gasping and laughing while looking at the screen which is out of frame.

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Thanks for your interest in hosting a private event at the Fleet. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with more details. Items marked with an * are required. 

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