At the Fleet Science Center, we strive to create an inclusive and engaging experience for our community. Our interactive exhibits are designed to encourage hands-on exploration and learning. We offer a diverse selection of both permanent and rotating exhibitions, in addition to live shows and demonstrations, ensuring you can always discover something new. Join us for an immersive and exciting science adventure! 

A white teen boy stands by a black teen boy. The black boy is sitting and touching a touch screen computer. Above them is a sign that says Design a Skate Park. What does it take to create a video game, mix and master music or design a skate park that produces the biggest thrills?
Optical illusion with black squares, grey grid, and white dots. The illusion makes it look like black dots are moving around inside the white dots. Discover it’s not what you see but how you see that matters
Miniature Tesla coil with arcs of electricity branching out It’s Electric brings the science and history of electricity to life through an introduction to the types and uses of electricity
Toddler girl in a yellow shirt holding half circle shapes in front of her eyes with green and red see through panels Learning is fun with developmentally appropriate activities
Three portrait panels in black frames sit on a wavy rainbow wall Queer and intersectional identities are revolutionizing how science gets done
Two women playing in a white ball pit Inviting the young and the young-at-heart to leave the digital world behind, hit pause on their busy lives and recapture the nostalgia of play.
A dark image with electric blue lines shooting towards the viewer down a hallway. The far end of the hallway has a group of people stand, walking, and running towards the viewer. Power Play San Diego is all about the San Diego power grid—how it works, where the energy comes from and how it gets into your home
Man wearing VR headset An eye-popping, virtual reality adventure simulator
Aerial photo of a manmade river cut through the desert Explore the diverse sources of San Diego’s water and the methods of delivering and processing it
Middle school aged girl with adult man playing with a lightbulb exhibit Interactive experiences let you understand how electricity is generated and how we all can conserve energy
View of Earth from space with cities lit up Immerse yourself in four interactive areas in this gallery while understanding new discoveries about our Earth, Sun, Solar System and Universe
Woman tinkering with colored paper on a cutting mat Everyone has an eXciting, innovative side, and Studio X is a place where families can eXplore it
Two women playing in a white ball pit Sink into the Fleet’s ball pool

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