Interactive experiences let you understand how electricity is generated and how we all can conserve energy. 

  • Watt’s in the Sun demystifies solar energy 
  • Make a Watt shows how much energy is needed to produce a watt 
  • Watt’s the Difference demonstrates the six common ways electricity is produced 
  • Watt About Me gives practical tips to conserve energy

Stop by to discover simple ways you can conserve energy in your daily life.

Young dark haired girl looks up with a big smile at a light experiment that's vertical on the wall in front of her at the Fleet Science Center
A young boy focuses very hard on an exhibit will pressing a button and maneuvering a lever at the Fleet Science Center
An elderly man and woman point out exhibit information to a young girl in pink with brunette pigtails at the Fleet Science Center

Produced by Fleet Science Center staff, So Watt! An Illuminating Look at Energy is made possible by grants from San Diego Gas & Electric.

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