The Fleet Science Center inspires families to learn and grow together. From robotics and illusions to space travel and ocean exploration, instill curiosity in your child and be a part of the unique moments when they see the possibilities of science unfold in front of their eyes.  

We are excited to celebrate this milestone with you
A sensory-friendly experience
Engaging young women in STEM
From the creators of the multi award-winning MESMERICA comes a brand-new epic
Community Mornings are a way to think equitably and mitigate barriers to learning, engagement, and community-building.
Explore your ingenuity and creativity with themed science projects.
Bringing our engaging exhibits and interactive experiences directly to your community
Embark on an epic journey as we bring the thrilling realm of Dungeons & Dragons to life
What can take your fun day at the science center to the next level?
Explore and experiment in a variety of STEM fields
Cultivate your curiosity in STEM
Inspiring students to become innovative and creative thinkers
Earn a badge while connecting with other scouts
Bring your family and be part of an unforgettable celestial experience
Turning curious kids into happy campers
Summer is back, and we’re ready to give you unforgettable experiences
Now experience more The Sky Tonight with additional shows
This summer, the Fleet invites you to experience an adventure like never before
Discover the wonders of science together