As a countywide organization, the Fleet Science Center works to leverage STEM organizations and resources already in local communities and creates a network dedicated to the shared goal of supporting science within neighborhoods. We view our work as a science center at the service of, and in collaboration with, the greater San Diego community.   

A celebration of science with all the fun of a music video.
Explore the AI Revolution in Education
Explore the interconnectedness of human health and planetary ecosystems through the power of art
Engaging young women in STEM
Community Mornings are a way to think equitably and mitigate barriers to learning, engagement, and community-building.
Bringing our engaging exhibits and interactive experiences directly to your community
Working with the community of those who share a passion for science.
Coordinating efforts and aligning resources to provide quality STEM education
The annual San Ysidro STEM Fair brings together community partners to offer o
Inspiring students to become innovative and creative thinkers
Join local scientists for a good conversation at a local bar

Community programs are sponsored in part by: