Have you ever wanted to create something amazing but didn't know where to start? Everyone has an eXciting, innovative side, and Studio X is a place where families can eXplore it.  

Makerspaces are all about community—they help you learn how to work together and complete a project while creatively eXperimenting with different techniques. At Studio X, we have Studio eXperts, the tools and the materials to help you bring your imagination to life. So come on by. It'll be fun! 

Studio X is excited to offer projects inspired by Design Zone, letting you get hands-on with activities that let you see how creative thinkers use STEM to create the amazing things they do. 

Interactives include 

  • Kinetic sculpture projects, inspired by Alexander Calder’s mobiles, allow you to use geometry to design your own sculptures, that focus on balance.   
  • Marble Run projects build spatial awareness and inspire engineering skills. Kits are available for $10 each, or you can try a free version that uses cardboard and skewers.  (Marble Run projects are available while supplies last)
  • Cardboard mazes let you design and build your own marble maze using cardboard as your main material while enhancing motor, visual, and problem-solving skills.  
  • Tower challenges invite you to build the highest tower with KEVA blocks, helping you develop engineering skills. 
A black boy uses a hot glue gun on a vertical assembly of wooden dowels
Two adult women building with wooden dowels at the Fleet Science Center
Two women sitting at a table working with a hand-built pneumatic crane and laughing at the Fleet Science Center
An adult man works on a wooden table with a cutting mat and multiple brightly colored construction paper pieces at the Fleet Science Center

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