Are you a STEM professional looking to improve communication skills and connect with new audiences? Our Science Communication Workshops help you enhance communication within your team and with external audiences, improving understanding of current scientific research. 

Our workshops introduce you to strategies to leverage how people learn to connect their prior knowledge and experience to new science concepts. You will practice communicating complex scientific concepts to general audiences and receive support in developing meaningful and relevant messaging related to your work. 

Science Communication Workshops are offered during the week throughout San Diego County and are dedicated to helping you become a better science communicator to connect with your community. 

Contact us to book a workshop or to learn more about science communication. 

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Lunch and Learn  

Invite Fleet Science Center specialists to host a Lunch and Learn Science Communication Workshop at your organization at any time during the workday. These interactive 45- to 60-minute sessions are excellent introductions to a variety of science communication topics, including 

  • Do Experts Make the Best Communicators? 
  • Being Mindful of Audience Prior Knowledge 
  • Start with a Bang! Phenomena in Science Communication 
  • Recognizing and Untangling Jargon 

Lunch and Learn workshops are offered to San Diego County organizations for a suggested donation of $400. 

Private Groups 

Customize Science Communication Workshops to fit your schedule and needs. Choose sessions ranging from two hours to two days. Pair your communication training with Fleet programs to practice your new skills. 

Customized Individual 

Participate in half-day or full-day workshops at the Fleet. Individual workshops provide a unique learning environment that uses classroom time, Fleet exhibitions and events to help you implement communication strategies immediately. 

Broader Impacts 

Are you looking to fulfill the broader impact requirements for National Science Foundation (NSF) or other grant proposals? Science Communication Workshops can help. Pair a customized workshop with presentations at one of the Fleet's public programs. 


The Fleet Science Center offers many programs to a wide variety of audiences, providing opportunities for scientists and researchers to practice their science communication. These programs pair a public audience with a content expert. 


Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering (BE WiSE) stimulates and sustains female and female-identifying student interest in science through engaging hands-on activities at science career sites. As a scientist, you can connect with girls as a female scientist role model or host a workshop at your institution.  

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar® 

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar® matches you with another STEM professional to bring your knowledge to the community at a neighborhood bar. A sign that reads, "We are scientists. Ask us anything!" invites bar patrons to start a friendly, insightful conversation. 


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