Incredible live science shows bring students and science together in one mind-blowing event! Discover how fun science can be. With these high-energy, educational performances filled with interactive demonstrations, your students will get excited about science. 

Shows are 45 minutes long and appropriate for grades K–6. Led by a trained educator.

  • $400 for up to 150 students
  • $2 per additional student

Maximum of 175 students per show.

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Available Programs

*NEW* Scientific Serenade

K - Grade 6

Investigate and visualize sound through your eyes and ears in this high-energy, louder-than-life show. Our Fleet education professionals will guide you through the components of sound and how they all combine to create the beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) sounds that we hear every day. 

Superhero Science

K - Grade 6

Everybody wants a superpower. Join us as we showcase super strength and other powers through the basics of science in this super-charged, super-fun show.

Under Pressure

K - Grade 6

Air is a powerful thing, and although we might not think about it, we are under its pressure every second of our lives! From balloons to vacuums, learn just how strong air can be through exciting, engaging demonstrations involving the physics of air.


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