Join us on a journey to explore the interconnectedness of human health and planetary ecosystems through the power of art!

Spearheaded by the Fleet Science Center, the Art for Planetary Health project invites five talented creatives from diverse San Diego neighborhoods to embark on this transformative endeavor. We're asking: What does it mean for our communities to be in harmony with the health of our planet? And how can we collectively promote environmental consciousness? Selected artists will delve into these profound questions, utilizing visual, literary, or performing arts to conceptualize their ideas.

The creatives will collaborate with their communities to further develop and engage with their concepts, resulting in unique works of art reflecting the deep connection between personal experiences and the importance of planetary health. The culmination of this project will be an October celebration and showcase at the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. This event will shine a spotlight on the distinct experiences of each community involved, demonstrating their dedication to local health intertwined with global environmental challenges. Together, we'll celebrate, share, and advocate for the collective experience that has been co-developed.

Meet the Creatives

Introducing the selected creatives, a cohort of visionary artists hailing from diverse San Diego neighborhoods. Through their unique artistic expressions, each talented creative will highlight the interconnectedness of human health and planetary ecosystems.

Claudia Biezunski-Rodriguez | Barrio Logan

Claudia Biezunski-Rodriguez in front of the Sew Loka storefront

In 2013, she opened a sewing studio named Sew Loka. As a Mexican-American female business owner, Claudia is breaking down barriers, blurring societal norms and proudly welcoming BIPOC and underserved communities through affordable, edgy, and upcycled handmade goods. Her goal is to be 100% sustainable by July 2024.





Yvette Roman | San Ysidro

Yvette Roman

Yvette Roman is a bi-national artist, curator, muralist and arts educator. She holds a B.A., from UCSD in Visual Arts and Cultural Anthropology. Yvette is passionate about making art accessible through community-organized collaboration.  Her artwork is an exploration of simplicity and chaos. Disciplines include painting, photography, printmaking, and collage. Her artwork weaves memories of loss, self-discovery, and personal insecurities. Her artwork has been exhibited in the United States, Mexico and Egypt.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee, comprised of esteemed members with diverse expertise in arts, community engagement, and environmental advocacy, plays a pivotal role in curating the Art for Planetary Health project.


A black woman in a green top and purple head wrap smiling

Ami Young

Project New Village, Fine Artist and Storyteller

Greater Neighborhoods of Southeastern San Diego

A black woman in a purple shirt sitting at a white table with green plants in the background

Courtney Dade

CSD Marketing and Consulting Founder and CEO 

Greater Neighborhoods of Southeastern San Diego

A black man in a brown top smiling in a museum artifact setting

Dajahn Blevins

San Diego Urban Warriors CEO

Greater Neighborhoods of Southeastern San Diego

A woman in a blue and white top outside in a crowded area smiling

Elva De Baca

Sci Phy Program Creator

San Ysidro

A black woman in a red top with a pearl necklace and red lipstick smiling

Jasmine Sadler

The STEM Collaborative CEO and Visionary

Greater Neighborhoods of Southeastern San Diego

A hispanic woman in a brown top and white overalls outdoors in the fall smiling

Maritza Garcia

Environmental Health Coalition Policy Advocate

Barrio Logan

A hispanic woman in a patterned top against a dark background

Monica Delgadillo Hernandez

Casa Familiar Development Officer, San Diego County Arts & Culture Commission

San Ysidro

A hispanic woman in a dark top smiling against a wood background

Nadia Nuñez

San Diego State University Educator and Architect

National City

A hispanic woman in a white top against a purple background

Olimpia Vázquez Ojeda

A Reason to Survive (ARTS) Program Manager 

National City

A hispanic woman in a light green business jacket smiling against a painted mural background

Valerie Jaimes

Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center Executive Director

Barrio Logan

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