A black woman in a green top and purple head wrap smiling

Ami Young is a teaching artist specializing in VAPA and Art Power Equity, having lent her talents to the 2022 summer arts program at Oak Park Elementary in southeastern San Diego. Currently serving as a Creative Storyteller with Project New Village (PVN) at Mt. Hope Community Garden, Ami's creative endeavors are wide-ranging and impactful. In 2022, she notably designed the PNV Mobile Farmers Market Truck, a project emblematic of her dedication to community empowerment and food accessibility.

With a rich background in art and design, Ami spent four years collaborating with interior designer Susan English of "Imagine the Stage," crafting commissioned artworks for various clients. Born into an Air Force family in Riverside, CA, Ami's upbringing took her to diverse locales, including Zaragoza and Madrid, Spain, Fort Walton Beach, FL, and Edwards Air Force Base, before settling in San Diego, CA, during her teenage years.

Throughout her adult life, Ami's travels have informed her artistic perspective, with experiences spanning London, Geneva, Jamaica, Belize, Inglewood, South Central Los Angeles, and her beloved Southeastern San Diego. Returning to her Valencia Park neighborhood 12 years ago after a four-decade absence, Ami embarked on a mission to share her journey's stories, advocating for farming, public art, and food equity.

Her artistic practice is deeply rooted in sustainable principles, with a focus on farming, teaching, and healing. Ami passionately believes in the transformative power of public art, recognizing its role in bolstering self-confidence and mental well-being. Her artistic exploration delves into the nexus of culture, resistance, and emotional memory, drawing inspiration from abstract art, nationalism, and the vibrant imagery of folk art.

Ami is a woman of color who amplifies her voice through various mediums, including digital and graphic art, T-shirt designs, and artworks celebrating Black historical legacies. Ami Young continues to make a profound impact through her artistry and advocacy, championing inclusivity, social justice, and cultural expression.