A black woman in a purple shirt sitting at a white table with green plants in the background

Courtney Dade stands as a beacon of creative and strategic excellence in the heart of San Diego's vibrant arts and business communities. With a prolific career spanning over two decades, Courtney has seamlessly blended her passion for digital marketing with her deep commitment to cultural and artistic endeavors, significantly contributing to the enrichment of her community.

As the Founder and Chief Strategist of CSD Marketing & Consulting, Courtney has propelled businesses to digital success and forged meaningful connections with key community organizations. Her involvement with Black San Diego, JIREH Providers, and the San Diego Black Chamber underscores her dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion within the local business landscape.

Courtney's contributions to the arts are equally noteworthy. Her previous collaborations with the San Diego Symphony and the Martin Luther King Community Choir San Diego highlight her ability to bridge the gap between commerce and culture, bringing the community together through music and celebration. Her recent support of an all-hip hop music festival in downtown San Diego further showcases her commitment to promoting diverse artistic expressions and providing platforms for underrepresented voices.

Beyond her professional achievements, Courtney is an avid traveler and a devoted parent who embraces the concept of world schooling for her middle school-aged son. This unique approach to education reflects her belief in the power of global experiences to shape young minds. Additionally, her love for live music and theater enriches her personal life and fuels her professional creativity and innovation.

Courtney Dade embodies the spirit of community engagement, artistic advocacy, and lifelong learning. Her work inspires those around her, proving that the intersection of business acumen and cultural passion can lead to meaningful change and vibrant community growth.