The Fleet Science Center 2023 Gift Guide

Fleet Science Center Gift Guide 2023 with wrapped present below the text

Unwrap the Magic of Science 

This holiday season, celebrate the joy of giving while connecting with the power of science. At the Fleet, you can find the most unique and memorable gifts that resonate with curiosity and discovery. Visit us today and let the spirit of science inspire your holiday gifting! 

Mother wearing a red blazer and scarf and son wearing a yellow vest and a blue shirt play with an exhibit

Gift Experiences That Spark Curiosity 

Fleet Science Center Membership  

Unveil everlasting memories with Fleet Science Center Memberships, starting at $89. Each membership caters to science enthusiasts, offering not just a gift but also an experience. Enjoy free passes to captivating documentary films and explore exclusive membership benefits. 

Science Clubs  

Unleash the thrill of discovery with the gift of experiences! Our Science Clubs, tailored for children 10–14, are brimming with excitement and hands-on activities. Dive into various scientific fields, including biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, physics and robotics. Priced at an excellent value of only $18 per session, these clubs make learning an adventure. 

Young Scientists  

Young Scientists is the perfect way to encourage your little ones to discover a passion for science and ignite a desire to explore the world around them. Each four-week session provides developmentally appropriate, informal learning experiences that support and enhance exploration, create excitement and facilitate scientific discoveries. Get four weekly sessions of experiences for only $90.   

LiteBrite with pegs forming a colorful image of an elephant

Gifts that Illuminate 

Light up Helicopter 

Take flight into a festive world of wonder with our 8" Light-Up Transparent Helicopter! Adorned with dazzling light-up gears, music, and moving parts, this magical creation allows you to witness the mesmerizing dance of gears inside. Find it at the North Star Science Store for just $19.99. 

Interactive GID T-shirt  

Experience real magic with Illuminated Apparel’s Interactive Glow T-shirts. Embrace the festive spirit as you use the included magical glow pen to draw freehand or create glow designs that illuminate for up to 5 minutes. Find it at the North Star Science Store for a merry $29.99. 

214pc. Lite-Brite  

Let your creativity shine bright with the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic! With 206 colorful pegs, 6 design templates, and 4 delightful light modes, you can craft beautiful art that sparkles with light. Whether you use included templates or let your imagination run wild, you’ll extend the festive fun for hours as you make your life "brite" with Lite-Brite, at the North Star Science Store for $34.99. 

Blue and silver telescope

Gifts that are Out of this World 

Daron Mars Solar Rover  

Embark on an interstellar adventure with the Mars Mission Solar Rover, part of the Space Adventure Series. Your child will reach for the stars of their imagination with this mesmerizing playset. Complete with a Mars Robot featuring spinning arms, a spinning torso and rolling wheels, the Solar Rover lights up the holiday season with its LED-adorned spinning head and articulated arm. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $34.99. 

Daron Space Rocket Playset 

Blast off into hours of galactic fun with this Space Rocket Playset! Experience the thrill of space exploration with a 5-in-1 module rocket featuring special effects like countdown sound and lights, create launch clouds with water, and host 2 figurine astronauts. With photo slides, a projector lens, and capsule doors that open to house astronauts, this rocket also includes 4 detachable boosters. At the North Star Science Store for $64.99. 

76MM Newtonian Reflector Telescope  

Gaze upon celestial wonders with our Saturn Scope, a perfect telescope for budding stargazers! Equipped with a 2X Barlow lens and three eyepieces for observing stars, moons and planets, this telescope has a 76mm diameter mirror for crystal-clear images. Experience the magic of the night sky with an easy set-up and take-down with complete paper instructions included, making it the perfect tool for exploring the cosmos. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $179.99. 

Pink jacket with patches

Gifts for Fashionistas 

Fleet T-shirt  

Available in both adult and youth sizes, these shirts are perfect for family matching or as unique gifts. Embrace the spirit of discovery and grab yours at the North Star Science Store. Adult sizes are $24.99 and youth sizes are $19.99. 

Youth Bomber Jackets   

The future pilot in your life will elevate their style with our Youth Bomber Jackets! Inspired by U.S. Air Force women pilots, these jackets feature a classic design adorned with seven flight patches and an airplane zipper pull. Gift the joy of aviation this holiday season—find these festive jackets at the North Star Science Store for a soaring $59.99. 

Gifts for Robotics Lovers 

Robot toy that looks like an astronaut

XtremBots Crazy Bot  

Meet Rock and Roll, two little robots that provide endless hours of fun and your first steps in programming. Use the remote control to guide them through gleaming lights and sounds, testing their speed and creativity with up to 10 programmed actions. Find them at the North Star Science Store for just $32.99. 

Newton’s Apple Gyrobot  

Engage in five delightful experiments, discovering the gyroscope's astonishing powers and exploring the physics behind its mesmerizing behaviors. Watch the gyrobot walk on different included tracks, play ring-toss games, and spin on a flat surface. Get it at the North Star Science Store for only $34.99. 

XtremBots Charlie the Astronaut Robot 

Embark on a festive space odyssey with Charlie the Astronaut, your guide to the secrets of space! Connect to Charlie through the app via Bluetooth and explore two different ways to guide this cosmic companion. Program Charlie with up to 200 actions through its programming module or direct it with its remote-control system, featuring smart control with hand movements. Equipped with advanced technology, Charlie is ready to join your holiday celebrations. Pick up Charlie at the North Star Science Store for an interstellar $79.99.