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New Members

Upon acceptance into BE WiSE, girls will attend an inaugural Science Overnight to introduce them to science and the BE WiSE Program. Imagine 40 middle school girls in grades 7 and 8 exploring an overnight scientific mystery adventure, including demonstrations, workshops and a hands-on project, all led by women who work in science every day. That’s a BE WiSE Science Overnight, which begins on Friday afternoon and continues until Saturday morning. BE WiSE girls must write an essay about the theme of the overnight and be recommended by their science teacher to be considered and then each overnight group is carefully assembled from different schools to encourage group bonding during the overnight. BE WiSE overnights can be located in any safe, sheltered location where science demonstrations and activities can take place, especially where women in science work everyday that enables behind-the-scenes tours and discussions of career information. Past locations include the Fleet Science Center, Birch Aquarium/SIO, Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute, Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego Museum of Man, the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conservation Research, the Water Conservation Garden, and the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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Current Members

Follow-up activities sustain BE WiSE member interest! BE WiSE hosts more than 20 events each year for members in grades 8 – 12. Women scientists conduct workshops with BE WiSE girls investigating science phenomena and discussing opportunities in the fields of math, science and engineering.  Past events have been held at UCSD School of Engineering, San Diego Supercomputer Center, General Atomics, Dow Chemical Company Laboratories, San Diego Nature Center in Chula Vista, Mount Laguna, Mission Trails Regional Park. Legoland, Robotics Lab, Aquatic Adventures, Math for America, San Diego Sheriff’s Crime Lab, SIO Viz Lab, UCSD Plant Biology Lab, San Diego County Veterinarian Facility, USD Engineering, Hubbs Sea World Research Institute, Miramar College, Biogen Idec Community Lab, NOAA Southwest Fisheries, Genoptix, CareFusion, and more.

Current members in grades 8 – 11 are also invited to participate on the BE WiSE Botball Team each Spring. The team works for six weeks to meet a challenge for competition by building autonomous robots and programming them in C.


Upon graduation from high school, BE WiSE members transition to alumnae status.  An alumnae reunion is held each summer, and alumnae are invited to join the program as a volunteer/role model.