At the Fleet Science Center, we love to have hands-on experiences for all our students in an environment that is positive, fun and safe. As we continue to follow the recommendations issued by the San Diego County division of Health and Human Services to support the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, we have made modifications to our policies and have included an FAQ as it relates to Onsite Summer Camps and Distance Learning Hubs during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Onsite Programs

What are onsite programs?

At this time, the following programs are happening onsite:

Distance Learning Hubs (September - December 2020) Day Camps (held during school breaks Fall 2020, Winter 2020 and Spring 2021) Summer Camp (July - August 2021)

Please check the webpage for specific dates, times and program information.

What to Expect in Distance Learning Hubs

In addition to all of our procedures for onsite programing, participants in Distance Learning Hubs can except the following:

Class Size

Following the recommendations of the CDC and the California Department of Public Health, each room will be limited to 14 students and 2 members of our Fleet Education team to ensure 6ft of space between students. Groups will be the same M-F, to limit the variability of individuals entering the classroom.

Staying Connected to School

Our Distance Learning Hubs are designed to provide a safe space for students to do their distance learning and help keep students connected to their classroom teacher. Please note that we consider your child’s teacher to have primary responsibility for their educational needs. Our Educators are science specialists who can provide basic support but are not tutors or classroom teachers.

Staying Engaged with STEM

Hands-on activities will be provided for students during times they are not scheduled for school work. Students may also have the opportunity to visit the Exhibits privately throughout the week.

Outdoor Adventures

Our team will be taking students on walks throughout park and encouraging outdoor activities throughout the week.

What Grade Levels are supported

Our Distance Learning Hubs are intended for students in Grades 1-6 since students in these grade levels are accustomed to full day classes. While grades 7 and up are not listed, if you are interested in registering your student, please feel free to register them. 

How does pick up and drop off work?

The drop-off and pick-up area is located at the Business Entrance on the south side of the building, adjacent to the parking lot. To locate the South entrance from Park Boulevard, turn onto Space Theater Way and make an immediate right into the parking lot adjacent to the Fleet Science Center.

Drop Off

Fleet Staff will be outside for curbside pick drop off from 8:45a.m.-9:00a.m. For safety purposes, please remain in your car and pull up to the curb by the business entrance to the Fleet Science Center adjacent to our parking lot. Your student will be checked-in and brought into the classroom by a Fleet volunteer or staff member. 

Pick Up

Fleet Staff will be outside for curbside pickup from 3:45-4:00p.m. Please remain in your car and pull up to the curb by the business entrance to the Fleet Science Center adjacent to our parking lot. For the safety of students, Fleet staff will verify parents/guardians/authorized photo ID at pick up every day. If you have a last-minute addition to the pick-up list that you wish to add, please call (619) 238-1233 ext. 847.

Alternate Drop Off and Pick Up Times

We understand that families have different schdules. If you are dropping your camper off later than 9:15am or have to pick-up a camper earlier than 3:45pm, please contact the Education Coordinator at (619) 238-1233 ext. 847.

Late Pick Up

Pick-up later than 15 minutes after the camp's end time will incur a $25 fee. For every 30 minutes after that time, an additional $25 fee will added. If you are late more than twice, your child may not be allowed back to class and there will be no refund. If you are going to be late picking up or dropping off a child, please notify the Science Center in advance to we can make arrangements as needed. Please call (619) 238-1233 ext. 847. 

As of July 1, 2020: In addition to our standard curbside pick up and drop off procedures, temperature screening will be required to ensure children and employees with a temperature of 100 degrees or above do not enter the facility.

What happens if I am added to the waitlist for a program?

If a seat becomes available you will be contacted by our Client Services team. Once you are contacted by our team you will have 24 hours to respond to continue the registration process. If we do not hear back within the 24 hour window we will contact the next patron on the waitlist. Having your name on the waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the program. Our Client Services team is available Monday-Friday during regular business hours excluding weekends and holidays.

How are we encouraging social distancing and a safe classroom environment?

All programs will be following the recommendations of the CDC, California Department of Public Health, and ACA which include:

Classroom size will be limited to ensure space seating to accommodate 6ft of space between students

Restrict mixing between groups of students 

Limiting nonessential visitors and volunteers

Students will be required to wear masks

Staff will be required to wear masks during camp hours 

Keep each child’s belongings separated from others’ 

Ensure adequate supplies to minimize sharing of high-touch materials as much as possible

Increased hand-washing or use of hand sanitizer

Limit use of supplies and equipment by one group of children at a time and clean and disinfect between use. 

Restrooms and other surfaces children regularly contact shall be sanitized with a disinfectant effective against coronavirus on a regular schedule and between groups occupying a particular area.

Lunch Time Procedures

Lunches will take place inside the classrooms. Lunches, snacks and reusable water bottles must be provided by families for the student. Fleet Staff will not be able to provide lunch and/or snacks. Our recess time will be supplemented with walks throughout the park.

What is the Fleet doing to reduce the spread of germs?

We will be abiding by our consistent procedures recommended by the CDC to prevent the spread of colds and flus daily.

Ensuring hand washing supplies are well stocked and accessible for camp participants, staff and volunteers

Increasing hand sanitizer dispenser stations placed throughout the Fleet Science Center.

Making more sanitizing wipes available in the classroom to clean objects and equipment before/after touching.

Increasing the frequency of our Protexus Electrostatic Disinfecting Sprayer to sanitize frequently touched surfaces (exhibitions, doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, etc.)

Please click this link to learn more about the Fleet’s efforts regarding the health and safety.

Behavior Expectations

Our classes have been developed to encourage imaginative, creative and energetic exploration. However, appropriate conduct is expected in our classes. Please review the following established classroom rules with your child before camp:

Be cooperative. Many of the activities that students participate in will require that they are considerate of their fellow students. Camp classes are a great way to make friends!

Be clean. Students will be asked to help us keep our area clean (after we have fun making a mess of course).

Be curious and creative. The most important guideline.

Students will be expected to follow social distancing procedures.

All campers are expected to follow the above rules. If any student does not follow the rules, the instructor will respond first by giving a verbal warning, then on a second offense escorting the child out of class to call home.

We reserve the right to dismiss children whose behavior disrupts the class environment, especially those who engage in physical aggression or other dangerous behavior or for other violations of policies from the program without refund.

Refund and Cancellation Policies:

Cancellations or changes made at least 5 business days before the start of the program will receive a full refund

Cancellations or changes made within 5 business days of the program will receive a refund except for a $25 cancellation fee per camp

Program cancellations and changes will not be honored over the weekends or without talking to Client Services. Client Services can be reached at  

Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Camps

Can I have multiple students work on the activities?

All kits are packed to provide materials for 1 child however some of the activities may be easily recreated using household materials

Where do I pick up materials?

Curbside pick-up for materials will be available on Mondays at the Fleet Science Center from 9:30-10:00a.m. and 3:00-3:30p.m. Pick-up will be located at the Business Entrance on the south side of the building, adjacent to the parking lot. To get to the South entrance from Park Boulevard, turn on Space Theater Way and make an immediate right into the parking lot adjacent to the building. The Fleet Science Center is located at 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101.

Only the 4 kits of the week will be available at a time.

How do I access digital content for Camps?

All prerecorded content for the Virtual Camps will be accessible through a private Google Drive folder. Only registered participants will have access to this folder during the week they are registered for the session.

How long is digital content available?

Videos will be accessible until the end of the week. Access to content will be restricted by email.

Do I need to supervise my child during virtual camps?

Virtual Camps are not a replacement for parental supervision, and we cannot assume responsibility for your child. We recommend that one responsible member of your household retain a supervisory role during virtual programming to ensure safety, watch your scientist superstar shine, or offer a helping hand for a trickier project.

What platform will be used for the live and online portion of virtual camps?

The Fleet Science Center currently uses Zoom for its virtual programs. Access and additional details specific to the live virtual meeting will be sent to registered families on on the Monday prior to the meeting time.

Frequently Asked Questions - Science Clubs

Can I attend a different time even if my student is not in the listed grade range?

We do understand that schedules are different for families and if the other time and date work better for you please feel free to register for that session. The listed grade range for Science Club is to allow students to participate with other students that are closer in their age range during our live meeting times. This also allows for our team to better facilitate conversations that are relvant and appropriate to those particular grades. 

Are materials provided for Virtual Science Clubs?

Science Club activities are designed to use materials that can be easily found or obtained by participants. If this is an option you would like to see in future sessions, please provide your feedback here.

Is Science Club available in person and onsite?

As of August 25, 2020 Science Clubs are being offered virtually. We are currently examining ways that we can support families and their need for a space where students can safely have hands-on learning experiences while schools continue to operate remotely. If you would like to help guide that decision making process, please respond to the survey here

Frequently Asked Questions - Young Scientists

Can I have my items shipped to me instead?

To have your materials shipped to you for an additional $35/session, please contact our Client Services Department at (619) 238-1233, ext. 806. Shipping will occur on the same day as material pick up.