Apr 14, 2014
Eclipse Viewing Information by Dr.
Mar 05, 2014
The Reuben H.
Dec 06, 2013
San Diego Mini Maker Faire is a one-day, family-friendly event that celebrate
Nov 08, 2013
By Dr. Lisa Will, Fleet Astronomer
Nov 08, 2013
Comet ISON is getting brighter in the sky, and it should hopefully become vis
Oct 11, 2013
The Reuben H.
Oct 04, 2013
NASA News From the Fleet's Astronomer, Lisa Will
Aug 21, 2013
Nova News from Fleet astronomer Lisa Will
Aug 15, 2013
Fleet console operator Mary Anderson shares her photo and story:
Aug 12, 2013
We’ve got a fresh batch of trivia questions about the Reuben H.
Aug 08, 2013
Part II: Behind the Scenes I got a crash course in special effects
Jul 22, 2013
The Giant Dome Theater at the Reuben H.
Jul 05, 2013
The Summer of You is in full swing at the Reuben H.
May 28, 2013
In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we're bringing back the nine best IMA
May 20, 2013
Part I: In the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater