Are You a SPEED Fan? Join the Parents & Kids at Family Science Saturdays and Discover How Fast YOU Can Go—Every Saturday in NOVEMBER!



Last Saturday, 160 family members came to the Fleet’s Tinkering Studio to gauge their SPEED. They developed lots of different gadgets to hurtle through space. Their speed-generating options included an inclined ramp, a fan for wind power, motors to push things along faster, bottles in which to compress air, the force of gravity to drop things from the ceiling and a zipline to get stuff moving. Speed can be seen as the rate at which an object covers distance over time: a car on a track, a plane through the air, or an object falling to the ground. Who will join us the next few Saturday afternoons to beat the existing records? Come and see!




November 16/23/30; 1PM–3PM


Reuben H. Fleet Science Center Tinkering Studio


Activities included with admission



Local Teachers and Engineers to Bring The “E” in STEM* to Life for Students at the Fleet’s INSPIRE INNOVATION WORKSHOP: Engineering in the Classroom, on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16!




The Fleet Science Center and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) will hold a workshop for grade 4–8 teachers in our Grayson Boehm Lecture Hall this Saturday. Featuring hands-on classroom activities for educators and engineers, this workshop allows teachers to work with engineers to bring the “E” in STEM* to life for students (*Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Groups of teachers will be matched with engineers to work on hands-on engineering design with applications for math and science classes. The morning will include: presentations about engineering practice today, discussion of engineering design in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), a hands-on design-and-build activity—with reflection on design process and curriculum connections and connecting engineering design process to math and physical science curriculum goals.




Saturday, November 16; 9AM–noon


The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center


This session is sold out, watch our website for future workshops!



IMAX® en Español Presentar MONSTROUS DEL MAR: UNA AVENTURA PREHISTÓRICA; Domingo, Noviembre 17, at 4PM!



Siga los peces dientes de sable, los tiburones prehistóricos, calamares gigantes y otras criaturas extrañas del período cretáceo mientras viaja 80 millones de años atrás a un momento en que Kansas fue parte de un gran mar interior. IMAX en Español es una oportunidad para usted y su familia que disfruten las películas IMAX en español. Adicionalmente audífonos sin costo para quienes deseen escuchar el audio en español siempre están disponibles para las películas que se presentan con el audio original en Ingles. El costo de admisión para las películas incluye acceso a todo el museo Fleet y las más de 100 exhibiciones científicas a la mano de todas edades. Varias de nuestras exhibiciones ofrecen explicaciones en español.


IMAX® en Español Sea Monsters— Follow saber-toothed fish, prehistoric sharks, giant squid and other bizarre creatures of the Cretaceous Period as you travel back 80 million years ago to a time when Kansas was part of a great inland sea. IMAX en Español is an opportunity for you and your family to enjoy IMAX films in Spanish.  Additionally, headsets are always available free of charge for audiences to listen to available Spanish soundtracks when films with English soundtracks play. Admission includes one film and the Fleet’s exhibit galleries, which feature more than 100 hands-on exhibits for all ages. Many of our exhibits feature bilingual explanatory text.




Domingo, Noviembre 17 / Sunday, November 17; 4PM


Reuben H. Fleet Science Center Heikoff Giant Dome Theater


Precios (una película y entrada a las galerías): Miembros: Adultos $13, Adultos mayores $11, Niños $10, No miembros: Adultos $17, Mayores $15, Niños $14




MYSTERIES OF THE UNSEEN WORLD Had Its West Coast Premiere FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, in Conjunction With New UNSEEN SCIENCE Exhibition! And Guess What: Renowned Film Director LOUIE SCHWARTZBERG Is a San Diego local!


We were delighted to meet the nationally-renowned cinematographer and director of Mysteries of the Unseen World, Louie Schwartzberg—turns out he’s a local, grew up in North Park and the College area, and saw his first IMAX film at the Fleet! He was delighted that his first major film received its West Coast Premiere on the Fleet’s 76-foot Heikoff Giant Dome Theater screen. Louie has returned to LA, but is available for interviews—please contact Susan to arrange!

This new film adventure takes audiences on an extraordinary journey into unseen worlds and hidden dimensions beyond our normal vision to uncover the mysteries of things too fast, too slow, too small to be seen or simply invisible. The film's innovative use of high-speed and time-lapse photography, electron microscopy and nanotechnology result in larger-than-life images stunning to see. From the powerful thread of a spider’s web to the slow-motion shatter and splatter of a dropped pitcher of milk, Mysteries of the Unseen World invites you to look at the world in a whole new way.

Our new exhibit, which opened in conjunction with the film, is Unseen Science. It also invites you to think small … really, really small. Take a peek at the science of nanotechnology and view molecules through augmented reality.




West Coast Premiere—opened November 8


The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Giant Dome Theater


Members: Adults $13, Seniors $11, Children $10;

Nonmembers: Adults $17,  Seniors $15, Children $14




Mars’ Surface Is Being Examined by Rovers. Now Let’s See What the Outer Atmosphere Is Like! MAVEN to Launch on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18 ,at 1:28PM EST/10:28PM PST! Check Out NASA TV for Ongoing Coverage!



MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) will study the upper Martian atmosphere to find out how Mars lost its atmosphere over time. Where did the atmosphere—and the water—go? This discovery may help us understand when and for how long Mars might have had an environment that could have supported microbial life in its ancient past. Launch Update: Review Verifies MAVEN, Atlas V and Eastern Range Ready for Launch. The Flight Readiness Review was successfully held on November 13 at Kennedy Space Center for the launch of the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket and NASA's MAVEN spacecraft bound for Mars. This thorough engineering review ensures the Atlas V, the downrange tracking assets of the Eastern Range and the MAVEN spacecraft all are ready for launch. The Flight Readiness Review sets the stage for Friday's Launch Readiness Review, the final review for liftoff. This will give the "go" for rollout of the Atlas V to the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Complex 41 on Saturday and for the scheduled launch on Monday, November 18. Meanwhile at the launch complex, closeouts of the Atlas V rocket continue and are nearing completion.

Join the Conversation:

•              @MAVEN2Mars - Twitter

•              MAVEN2Mars - Facebook

•              NASA MAVEN Mission Circle - Google+



Monday, November 18, at 1:28PMEST/10:28PM PST


Cape Canaveral Air Force Base


Watch the preparations and the launch on NASA TV




The Fleet Education Department Has Been Busy! School in the Park Classes Explored Space and Extracted DNA; and SciTech Has a Full Roster of Local Schools Actively Involving Girls in Science!




School in the Park has gotten off to another great start this year! Fifth graders from Rosa Parks Elementary learned about the wonders of our Solar System and were treated to a Challenger Mission, a screening of Cosmic Collisions and a viewing of the brand new planetarium show, Moons of the Solar System. Our rigorous scientists took all of the information they learned and held a press conference at the end of the week to help fund further missions into space. Back at school, students wrote letters to their Congress members asking that money be funded to missions either to Europa or Mars.

Our seventh graders were tasked to create a superhero movie pitch based on what they learned about DNA, cells and traits. Throughout the week they extracted DNA, created helical strands, made cells, created super heroes based on the genetic traits passed from their mother and father (also super heroes) and explored the ethical questions behind super powers. At the end of the week they tied everything together to deliver the best scientific pitch to convince the producer that their super hero was worth filming.

SciTech also remains very popular. As of today we have five schools (Halecrest, Johnson, Rosa Parks, Kimbrough and Central) with full attendance (25 girls per class) meeting once a week for two hours to learn about science. Topics this year include a close look at the human body, a Tech Challenge harnessing wind, what it takes to land rovers on Mars and an exploration of the landscapes of our neighboring planets. SciTech is an after school program developed by the Fleet for 4th–6th grade girls at local elementary schools. Through project-based learning, the girls make concrete connections to everyday life while developing creative-thinking and problem-solving skills that they will use throughout their lives. Going to be a fun year for all!




Schools programs are ongoing


The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and in our communities


Prices vary, check website for details




Why Are Some of San Diego’s Streets So Wide? Find Answers at the Senior Monday lecture on DECEMBER 2: SAN DIEGO’S STREETCARS—From Boom to Bust and Back Again; See the IMAX® film THE DISCOVERERS.



Explore the evolution of local transport as Jim Price presents the fascinating history of San Diego County’s streetcars—illustrated with photos and maps. Then relive some of mankind's greatest moments of discovery, including Magellan's expedition to find the Northwest Passage and a recreation of Sir Isaac Newton's workshop, in The Discoverers! Transcontinental trains first arrived into the San Diego area in 1885, then merged with the early streetcar system in 1891 to become the San Diego Electric Railway. By the 1920s, considerable railroad infrastructure existed around San Diego County, including a very healthy streetcar system which lasted until 1949. Fortunately for us, a newer system, today’s San Diego Trolley, started operation in 1981. Jim Price, a second-generation Californian, is a retired electronics engineer. Intrigued by model railroading as a kid, then the history of full-sized trains—and he rides tourist railroads whenever possible. Past President of the San Diego Electric Railway Association, he is a frequent volunteer at the historic National City Depot streetcar museum and author of San Diego County Train Stations: Then and Now. The first Monday of the month, seniors 65+ enjoy the Science Center exhibits, snacks, a lecture and a Giant Dome Theater show at a discount!




Monday, December 2, doors open at 9:30AM; lecture begins at 10:30AM, with film at noon


The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Giant Dome Theater


Seniors $8, Adults $17

Snacks sponsored by ScholarShare




Unseen Science (opened November 8) incorporates several exhibits, including “Nano: Imagine and Discover a World You Can’t See!” and Molecules in Motion

“On the Fly: Technology Takes Off” (through December 31, 2013)

“Explor-O-Rama—Get Your Hands On Science” (through June 1, 2014)

Tinkering Studio”  (ongoing)

“Cellular Journey” (ongoing)

“Block Busters!” (ongoing)

“So WATT! An Illuminating Look at Energy” (ongoing)

“Kid City” (ongoing)

“San Diego’s Water: From Source to Tap” (ongoing)

“Aging for All Ages” (ongoing)

“Origins in Space” (ongoing)

“Gallery of Illusions & Perceptions” (ongoing)



For a Full Schedule of Shows and Times:

Daily Schedule


Cosmic Collisions––A spectacular immersive theater experience, narrated by award-winning actor, director and producer Robert Redford. Featuring stunning images from space and breathtaking visualizations based on cutting-edge scientific data—revealing the unimaginable, explosive encounters that shaped our solar system, changed the course of life on Earth and continue to transform our galaxy and dynamic universe. (Ends 1/19/14)



MYSTERIES of the UNSEEN WORLD provides you with an incredible view of things that are normally too slow, too fast, too small or too vast for the human eye to see. The film's innovative use of high-speed and time-lapse photography, electron microscopy and nanotechnology result in larger-than-life images that are stunning to see on the 76-foot Heikoff Giant Dome Theater screen. From the powerful thread of a spider’s web to the slow-motion shatter and splatter of a dropped pitcher of milk, Mysteries of the Unseen World invites you to look at the world in a whole new way. Narrated by Morgan Freeman. Opened November 8.


Deep Sea––Embark on a gorgeous underwater expedition with Del Mar’s own veteran underwater filmmakers and ocean explorers, Howard and Michele Hall. You will be transported below the ocean surface to swim with some of the planet’s most unique, dangerous and colorful creatures, from the unusual Wolf Eel to the Giant Pacific Octopus. Moviegoers come face to face with these underwater inhabitants to witness their peculiar and amazing behavior as they rely on one another for survival. Narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, with an original score by Danny Elfman.


If you would like complimentary media tickets to visit the exhibitions or see an IMAX film or Planetarium show, please contact Susan Chicoine directly with your request: schicoine@rhfleet.org or (619) 685-5743 or (619) 325-9416/cell.  Let me know what date works for you and how many you need, and I will leave passes at the will-call window in your name.




                                Monday–Thursday:                         10AM–5PM

                                First Wednesday of month:        10AM–8PM

                                Friday, Saturday, Sunday:           10AM–6PM

                                Tinkering Studio hours:               noon–5PM




GALLERY ADMISSION (access to all eight exhibit galleries):

                                Members free; Nonmembers: Adults $13, Seniors $12, Children $11

GIANT DOME THEATER ADMISSION (1 film or 1 planetarium show + access to all eight exhibit galleries):

                                Members: Adults $13, Seniors $11, Children $10;

                                Nonmembers: Adults $17,  Seniors $15, Children $14

“The Sky Tonight” Live Planetarium Show ADMISSION

                                Members: Adults $12, Seniors $11, Children $10;

                                Nonmembers: Adults $14, Seniors $13, Children $12

Senior Monday ADMISSION: now $8 for seniors 65+

Free Tuesdays Show ADMISSION

                                Members: Adults/Seniors/Children $9; Nonmembers: Adults/Seniors/Children $10

Add a Second Show

                                                   Members: Adults/Seniors/Children $6; Nonmembers: Adults/Seniors/Children $7



Phone: (619) 238-1233

Address: 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

Website: www.rhfleet.org





Other Great Events Coming Up in DECEMBER:


DECEMBER 4—Origami with Bruce Gemmell. The traditional art of paper folding has evolved into a venerable modern art form with solid foundations in math and science. A flat sheet of material is transformed into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. Tinkering Studio Coordinator Gemmell has taught architecture both in the US and abroad. This event will be held the first Wednesday of each month. 4PM–7PM. Participation is included with gallery admission.


DECEMBER 4––The Sky Tonight: Space Weather. We all know that the Sun has an effect on the Earth’s environment. We normally think of this in terms of seasons and weather. But did you know that the Sun has an effect on the space immediately around the Earth and other planets? Join us in December as we learn more about space weather. Our popular monthly live planetarium show of the sky in SD that night reaches a new level of stunning full-color visuals and incredibly realistic simulations of cosmic phenomena with our new state-of-the-art digital GSX™ projection system. A professional astronomer leads backyard stargazers through the universe. Weather and operational requirement permitting, the SD County Astronomy Association provides free telescope viewing outdoors on the Prado in Balboa Park. This is a separate event held on the first Wednesday of each month. 7PM & 8:15PM


DECEMBER 4—Exploring Ethics current series explores topics related to the Pulitzer-prize winning book Emperor of All Maladies. The speaker for this month will be Razelle Kurzrock. In conjunction with the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology, the Fleet welcomes guests to encounter science from an ethical viewpoint; brings together community leaders of various backgrounds to examine current scientific issues from diverse perspectives; and invites the public to explore with them how science can best serve society. 5:30–7PM; William & Grayson Boehm Community Forum at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Free, registration required: (858) 822-2647 / ethicscenter@ucsd.edu


DECEMBER 6–7—December Nights in Balboa Park


DECEMBER 7/14/21/28—Family Science Saturdays:  Power. Power can be imagined as the amount of work done in a given time. How much power can you generate, and how will it be expressed? From the many apparatuses in the Tinkering Studio we invite our patrons to demonstrate their abilities in power generation. Activities included with admission. 1PM–3PM


DECEMBER 14—Saturday Science Club for Girls: Chemistry of Cosmetics. Discover how chemists determine the ingredients for new cosmetics. Perform scientific tests on product samples and mix up your own concoction to take home! Girls in grades 5–8 can join the Fleet on the second Saturday of each month to investigate exciting science topics. 12 noon–2PM; members $12, nonmembers $14; must pre-register by calling (619) 238-1233 x806.


DECEMBER 15—IMAX® en Español. Domingo, 4PM. Giant Dome Theater Admission (1 film + access to all eight exhibit galleries): Members: Adults $13, Seniors $11, Children $10; Nonmembers: Adults $17, Seniors $15, Children $14


DECEMBER 20, 2013––West Coast premiere of GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked the World, a new exhibition that has it all: Music. Technology. Science. Video. History. Pop culture. Games. Entertainment. This exhibition presents visitors with an engaging, entertaining, educational and hands-on experience with one of the most important icons in history: the guitar. The guitar is the single most enduring icon in American history. This fully immersive exhibition explores all facets of the world’s most popular instrument, from its history as an instrument of popular culture over the past 400 years to the science of creating sound with wood and steel. Visitors will experience the science, sound, history and cultural impact of the guitar in an exhibition that contains more than 60 instruments—ranging from the rare and antique to the wildly popular and innovative—along with performance video, audio, hands-on interactives, models, touchscreens, stunning images and photographs. Through April 6, 2014. For more information go to: http://www.rhfleet.org/exhibitions/guitar.


DECEMBER 23 & 27––Rock & Roll Winter Camp. Start your winter vacation off with a BANG!  Investigate sound waves, create your own instrument and explore 60+ different and unique guitars in the newly opened exhibition—Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked the World. School’s out for winter break, and there’s no better place to spend the days than at the Fleet for fun days dedicated to hands-on science explorations for Grades 1–2 and 3–4. Sign up for one or both days. To register, please contact our Client Services Department at 619-238-1233, ext. 806. Members $45/day, nonmembers $50/day.

Monday, December 23: Instrument Extravaganza. Tune into sound science by exploring vibrations and sound waves!  Make “roaring cups,” kazoos and other totally cool instruments out of everyday objects.

Friday, December 27: Guitar Guru. Learn the science behind building guitars.  Explore techniques that make guitars look and sound different.  Use these tips and tricks to make your very own cardboard guitar!


DECEMBER 30–JANUARY 3––Young Engineers Winter Camp.

Grab your hard hat and join us for full-day camps devoted to the science of engineering and construction.  Engineer tall towers, wide bridges and super strong pyramids!  Tinker with simple machines to make your own crazy contraption.  Let your creativity go wild! School’s out for winter break, and there’s no better place to spend the days than at the Fleet for fun days dedicated to hands-on science explorations for Grades 1–2 and 3–4. Sign up for one, multiple or all five days, and make sure to check out our Young Engineers camp the following week! To register, please contact our Client Services Department at 619-238-1233, ext. 806. Members $45/day, nonmembers $50/day.

Monday, December 30: Mega Structures. Use the KEVA planks in our “Block Busters” exhibition to design the tallest tower or build the longest bridge. Return to the classroom to build castles, boats and super-strong pyramids out of unexpected materials.

Tuesday, December 31: Invention Day. Don’t miss the pre-New Year’s count down at 12:00pm—campers will invent their own noise makers and flashing devices to bring in the New Year!  After the party, campers will invent a solution to the egg drop challenge!

Wednesday, January 1: Motion Commotion. Discover how to build wind-powered boats, balloon-powered cars, chemical-powered rockets and much more. No electricity required!

Thursday, January 2: Tinkering Day. Have you ever wondered how a toaster toasts or what a computer looks like on the inside? Get ready to disassemble and tinker with household objects in this hands-on class.  Tools provided – just bring your imagination!

Friday, January 3: High Flying Creations. Take your imagination to new heights by engineering planes, gliders and rockets.  Make object soar high the sky and learn the art of floating objects using wind tunnels.


DECEMBER 30–JANUARY 3––Computer Programming Winter Camps.

Students in grades 4-6 are invited to join us two week-long, half-day camps devoted to computer programming, in partnership with ThoughtSTEM.  Explore two different programming languages and approaches to computing. Sign up for morning, afternoon or both. To register, please contact our Client Services Department at 619-238-1233, ext. 806. Members $300/week, nonmembers $325/week.

Mornings: Scratch Camp. Program your own video game!

Afternoons: Arduino Camp. Use Arduino circuit boards to design your own invention.



Event information subject to change.


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