SAN DIEGO——Science is increasingly a topic to pursue as our society ponders how to navigate the massive weather shifts or how to think about staying healthy. People want answers but need a friendly venue with friendly conversations. The Fleet Science Center’s longstanding favorite, Two Scientists Walk into a Bar®, offers deep science conversations with local scientists in a welcoming environment, a local bar. 

What’s more, in October, the Fleet Science Center is excited to present two special editions: 

This means that San Diegans have more chances to get their burning science questions answered and have intriguing conversations with local scientists. Chats range from what we can do about climate change to gaining a better understanding of how kombucha actually helps our guts. 

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar: Bar Crawl Edition encourages bar patrons to do a bar crawl, as all the bars are within walking distance of each other.

  • October 5      North Park
  • October 12    Little Italy
  • October 19    Miramar
  • October 26    North Park

Bar crawlers also can receive a special promotion as they sip and learn, simply by mentioning the code words “Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar” at each bar. 
In addition, patrons get a punch card, and a filled card earns them a chance to win Fleet Science Center tickets. 

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar: Farmers Market Edition is a special Saturday daytime event.

  • October 7      Cardiff
  • October 14    Ramona
  • October 28    Vista

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar features scientists who study, research and work in myriad disciplines, including aerospace engineering, forensics, biology, neuroscience, geology, paleontology, ocean chemistry, epidemiology, immunology. . .the list goes on.

“We love our usual 50 scientists at 25 bars all over San Diego County on one night, and now we are super-excited to offer these special October editions in celebration of our 50th Anniversary,” says Andrea Decker, Scientist Engagement Manager for the Fleet Science Center. “The Bar Crawl format, concentrated in specific neighborhoods, will make it much easier for community members to visit multiple locations and talk to more than just two scientists.”

She adds that the special editions were suggested by Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar fans who want a way to talk to even more scientists in their own neighborhoods. 

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar began in 2014 and has grown to become one of the Fleet’s most popular community events for adults. In fact, in 2018, the community program went national with events in multiple cities, including Pittsburgh, Albany, N.Y., Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis.   

Melissa Miller, a freelance science writer who has been one of Two Scientists for several years, notes, “These events help demystify science and put a face on local scientists who are part of the community.” She adds that she really appreciates that people are curious and want to talk about the science that is all around us. “I really appreciate that people are looking to dive deeper and learn why scientists are studying certain things,” she says. 

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar: Bar Crawl edition is part of the Fleet’s ongoing 50th Anniversary celebrations, further supporting its mission of connecting everyone in San Diego to the power of science. 

For Media

  • To schedule an interview with the Fleet Science Center Scientist Engagement Manager Andrea Decker or one of the participating scientists, please contact Fleet Science Center Communications Specialist Suzanne Sanders at (619) 238-1233 ext. 804 or  
  • Información y entrevistas en español también están disponibles para los medios necesarios.
  • Press photos and B roll

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