The Fleet Science Center is again taking part in the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering’s signature event, Expo Day, on Saturday, March 4, at Petco Park.

Expo Day is a full day of STEAM, free and open to the public, provided by hundreds of San Diego area businesses, educational institutions, libraries, and museums, including the Fleet.

As in past years, the Fleet will host a booth at Expo Day featuring hands-on, interactive activities that will spark curiosity, inquiry and innovation. Attendees can exercise their problem-solving skills, powers of observation and memory with brain teasers; ponder the perception and reality of illusions; and learn about gravity and resistance with roto copters. At 1:55 p.m., things get explosive with a Fleet liquid nitrogen show.

"We're excited to sponsor the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering," said Steve Snyder, CEO of the Fleet Science Center, which has supported the festival since its inception and is a silver sponsor again this year. "It's great to see a whole city energized by science and participating in science, whether it's at an event in their community, at a school or at the Fleet."

WHO: Fleet Science Center, San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering

WHAT: Fleet Science Center at 2023 Expo Day

WHEN: Saturday, March 4, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

WHERE: Petco Park, 100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

WHY: Provide experiential activities in STEAM fields while celebrating diverse cultures, communities and populations of San Diego and inspiring youth to become the next generation of STEAM leaders.

About the Fleet Science Center:

Since 1973, the Fleet Science Center has been a central link between science, schools and scientific organizations, collaborating with the communities that call San Diego County home. Its mission is simple yet bold: to realize a San Diego where everyone is connected to the power of science. The organization delivers on this mission through engaging experiences and culturally driven education programs in neighborhoods throughout the county and the historic Balboa Park

flagship location. From interactive exhibits and school field trips to free science programs, the Fleet is forward-thinking and consistently evolving to create positive change in the world. To learn more, visit

About the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering Week:

The San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering Week is the largest event of its kind in Southern California. It’s a collective effort between industry, business leaders, government, community organizations, public outreach centers, academia, schools and school districts and parents. The festival began 15 years ago, primarily science and engineering-focused, with a goal to provide experiential activities in these fields to diverse populations. The overwhelming success of the formative years of the festival proved to be a catalyst for what the festival would swiftly evolve into – a comprehensive San Diego County community event that celebrates the diverse cultures, communities and populace of San Diego and works to inspire the curious young minds of our region to become tomorrow’s STEAM leaders. The San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering Week is ever-evolving and continually responding and meeting the desires and needs of the community. The festival is the flagship event of Generation STEAM, a 501c3 nonprofit affiliate of Biocom California. To learn more, visit

A group of eight students looking on and participating in a liquid nitrogen chemistry experiment in an outdoor setting. One student has their hands inside of a gray bowl overflowing with vapors.