Grades 1-3 can enjoy STEAM Spring Camp themes that explore art and science. Grades 4-8 learn Marvel comics-themed Minecraft modding in camps provided by ThoughtSTEM.


San Diego, CA—February 7, 2018—The Fleet Science Center offers exciting options to help keep kids active and learning about science, technology, engineering, art and math during spring break.

The Fleet's full-day STEAM Spring Camps are available every day begin on Monday, March 26, and end Friday, March 30. The camps take place at the Science Center and feature fun, educational, hands-on activities for kids in grades 1 through 7. Parents can enroll their children for one day, multiple days or the full week.

In the STEAM Spring Camps for grades 1-3, kids can test popular myths using the scientific process, learn about microorganisms, investigate using fingerprinting and design a crash test. Each day of camp will incorporate important skills using science, technology, engineering, art and math. Activities are designed to be hands-on, encourage inquiry and make science learning fun and accessible.

For grades 4-7, the Fleet has partnered with ThoughtSTEM to host Modding Spring Camps with a Marvel comics theme. Each day, campers will learn how to create their own Minecraft mods, from Thor’s hammer to Rocket Raccoon’s blaster, to play with friends when they get back to school. Each course puts campers on the way to becoming a true Minecraft expert.

The STEAM and Minecraft Modding Spring Camps extend the Fleet's mission of bringing science education to curious minds of all ages in ways that are fun, engaging and accessible.

Camps run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For the STEAM Spring Camps, grades 1-3, prices are $55 per day for members, $60 per day for nonmembers. For the ThoughtSTEM Spring Camps, grades 4-8, prices are $65 per day for members, $70 per day for nonmembers.

A full list of Spring Science Camp activities is included below. More information can also be found on the Fleet website here:

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Full Camp Descriptions:

STEAM Spring Camps

Grades 1-3

Price:  $55 per day for members and $60 per day for nonmembers.

·         March 26: Science Too Small to See. Some of the smallest things can have amazing impacts. Explore tiny cells that make up all living things and discover a whole world of microbes that live inside you!

·         March 27: Science of Sleuthing. Explore techniques like fingerprinting and handwriting analysis. Analyze evidence like a forensic scientist and connect the dots to solve a crime!

·         March 28: Art and Science. Discover beauty in science! Explore the Fleet’s newest exhibitions for artistic and science-based inspiration while creating something unique!

·         March 29: Auto Craze. Shift into gear as we build a variety of vehicles and complete a crash test using Newton’s Laws. Licenses not required!

·         March 30: Science Fact or Fiction. Use scientific processes and principles to test out myths from television and pop culture.


ThoughtSTEM Spring Camps

Grades 4-8

Price: $65 per day for members and $70 per day for nonmembers.


·         March 26: Marvel Blocks. Design and code your own Marvel-themed blocks in Minecraft and then use them to craft your own landscape and structures!

·         March 27: Marvel Items. Create custom Marvel items like baby Groot, Thor's hammer or Captain America's shield. Learn how to make new items and “use the force” with code!

·         March 28: Marvel Super Powers. Recreate classic Marvel superhero powers, like Hulk's super strength or Rocket Raccoon's blaster. You could also make up your own super powers that you can try out on your friends (or your enemies …).

·         March 29: Marvel Mobs. Design and code your own Marvel–themed characters into Minecraft. Learn how to program mobs to act like characters from your favorite comics.

·         March 30: Marvel Worlds. Design and code your own Marvel-themed worlds in Minecraft! We'll be recreating scenes from some of the recent Marvel movies.


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The Fleet is available to showcase demonstrations of Spring Science Camp activities for media previews either here at the Fleet or in your studio. Fleet educators and demonstrators can relate the science ideas behind each demonstration, and we can even bring the kids.

To schedule a media preview of Fleet Spring Science Camps, please contact Fleet Science Center Communications Manager Karla Nafarrate at 619-685-5743 or