San Diego--The Fleet Science Center offers exciting options to help keep kids active and learning about science, technology, engineering, art and math during spring break.

The Fleet's full-day STEAM Spring Camps are available every day beginning on Monday, March 27, through Friday, March 31. The camps take place at the Science Center and feature fun, educational, hands-on activities for kids grades 1 through 7.

In the STEAM Spring Camps for grades 1-3, campers will incorporate skills using science, technology, engineering, art and math in each day of camp. Topics include: In the Ocean, Up in the Air, Thinking Green, The Great Outdoors and Extreme Conditions. Activities are designed to be hands-on, encourage inquiry and make science learning fun and accessible.

For grades 4-7, the Fleet will partner with ThoughtSTEM to host Bringing Code to Life: Computer Science & Technology Spring Camps.Each day of camp offers new projects like, designing light up electrical circuits to embed into origami, paper airplanes, gift cards and even clothes. Campers can also create their own virtual worlds, Android mobile apps and Minecraft mods to play with friends when they get back to school. Each course puts campers on the way to becoming a true Tech Genius!

The STEAM Spring Camps and Computer Science & Technology Spring Camps extend the Fleet's mission of bringing science education to curious minds of all ages in ways that are fun, engaging and accessible.

Camps run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Attendees can sign up for a single day or enroll for multiple days of fun! For the STEAM Spring Camps, Grades 1-3, prices are $55 per day for members, $60 per day for nonmembers. For the ThoughtSTEM Computer Science & Technology Spring Camps, Grades 4-7, prices are $65 per day for members, $70 per day for nonmembers.

A full list of Spring Science Camp activities is included below. More information can also be found on the Fleet website here:

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Full Camp Descriptions:

STEAM Spring Camps. Grades 1-3

Price:  $55 per day for members and $60 per day for nonmembers.

March 27: In the Ocean. Explore the big blue ocean, including water chemistry, boat building and more. March 28: Up in the Air. Up, up and away! This camp will get you fascinated about flying objects and weather from above. March 29: Thinking Green. Experiment with hydropower, water filters and learn how to upcycle. March 30: The Great Outdoors. Rocks, trees, animal identifiers and more make this camp exciting for any adventurer! March 31: Extreme Conditions. Learn about extreme climates, like deserts and tundra, and discover what humans do to tolerate extreme situations.

ThoughtSTEM Bringing Code to Life: Computer Science & Technology Spring Camps. Grades 4-7

$65 per day for members and $70 per day for nonmembers.

March 27: Intro to Paper Circuits & Graphic Design. Learn the basics of electrical engineering and graphic design with paper circuits! Design light up pop-up cards and paper crafts to take home.   March 28: Intro to Soft Circuits & Wearable Tech. Sew soft circuits into your own clothing! We'll provide everything you need to design and program your own tech savvy clothing. *An additional $40 materials fee is applied for this class ($105 members; $110 nonmembers). Students are encouraged to bring a t-shirt or other clothing for personal customization! March 29: Intro to Virtual Reality. Create a virtual world that you can explore using Google Cardboard and a smartphone. You'll see how virtual reality is right at our fingertips! March 30: Intro to Making Android Apps. Have an app idea? We'll help you code your very first Android app. Impress your friends and learn what it takes to be a tech entrepreneur! March 31: Adventures in Minecraft Modding. Create your own unique Minecraft mod mini-game to play with your friends. This camp comes with special Minecraft modding tools and a free secure, private server so students can share their game with friends and family.

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The Fleet is available to showcase demonstrations of Spring Science Camp activities for media previews either here at the Fleet or in your studio. Fleet educators and demonstrators can be available to relate the science ideas behind each demonstration, and we can even bring the kids.

To schedule a media preview of Fleet Spring Science Camps, please contact Fleet Science Center Public Relations Manager Nathan Young at 619-685-5743 or