San Diego, CA—The Fleet Science Center is now providing Distance Learning Hubs to serve the growing needs of parents, students and teachers in the San Diego community to find a place for children to do their online learning programs. Starting on Monday, September 21, the full-day program combines a facilitated space for kids to complete their school work with an afternoon of hands-on science activities.   Distance Learning Hubs provide a space where students can continue learning while schools operate remotely in an environment that allows for safely-distanced social interaction at the Fleet Science Center. In these hubs, students will: Be assisted by the Fleet Education team to ensure that they can connect with their classroom teacher and fulfill their online school curriculum. Engage in science enrichment activities with fun hands-on experiences that build enthusiasm for science. Work alongside other students while following all guidelines for health and safety. Group sizes for Distance Learning Hubs will be no larger than 14 students per room and students use individual devices to connect to their school's online learning program. The Fleet's science enrichment programming will begin in the afternoon, based on the group's school schedule.   Distance Learning Hubs support the needs of the San Diego community and extend the Fleet's mission of bringing science education to students in ways that are fun, engaging and accessible. The program was developed in response to the increased demand from parents and educators for additional distance learning resources.    "We've heard from a number of parents who must go to work that they need a safe place for their child during the school day. Parents who are working from home are also finding it hard for them to do their work while helping their children with online classes," said Fleet Science Center Director of Education Kris Mooney.  "Many schools are planning online learning to be mostly in the morning, leaving students without guided activities in the afternoons. We look forward to helping meet the needs of San Diego's families."   Full-day, in-person Distance Learning Hubs are available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., starting on Monday, September 21. Prices for the week-long programs are $270 for nonmembers and $240 for Fleet members.    In an effort to reach more students and families, scholarships are available for students to attend the Distance Learning Hubs at no cost. The Fleet Science Center is currently working with the Logan Heights community to provide scholarships to families who need support with distance learning.For more information on scholarships, contact      The Fleet Science Center is devoted to having hands-on experiences for all of the students in an environment that is positive, fun and safe. To learn more about the Fleet's program policies and FAQs regarding programs, visit   For more information on the Fleet's Distance Learning Hubs, visit     For more information on the Fleet Science Center's distance learning support programs, visit