San Diego, CA——The Fleet Science Center is excited to announce that its Board of Trustees voted on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, to appoint 26 community leaders to the Fleet’s new Advisory Council. This first slate of members establishes the Fleet’s Advisory Council as an important part of the organization’s leadership. Members of the Advisory Council, who were elected to a one-year renewable term, will help represent the Fleet Science Center in the greater San Diego community.

“The Board and staff are honored to welcome the first members of the Fleet Science Center’s Advisory Council. We are very grateful so many dedicated community leaders stepped forward to help advance the Fleet’s mission to realize a San Diego where everyone is connected to the power of science,” said John Driver, Chair of the Fleet’s Trustee Affairs Committee.

The individuals elected to the Fleet’s Advisory Council include Scott Arnold, Steve Bjorg, Kim D. Blower, Mary Dutton Boehm, Dr. Mark Bracker, Carol Chang, Martha Dennis, Thompson Fetter, Jack Florio, Karen Gross, Steve Hart, Leonard Hirsch, Brian Keating, Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Brian Malk, Lori Fleet Martin, Mary Matava, Eric L. Michelsen, Victor Orphan, Mark Paddock, Elaine Ragazzo, Miyo Reff, Mario Scipione, Susan Tousi, Nishit Verma, Chuck Wheatley and Dr. Sara Zaknoen.

Members of the Advisory Council are tasked with promoting the Fleet’s mission by providing their diverse perspectives; their connections to local, national or international resources, colleagues or peers; and their philanthropic support. The members of the Advisory Council will serve as community ambassadors working with the Fleet to connect San Diegans to the possibilities and power of science to create a better future.

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