San Diego, CA—The Fleet Science Center is excited to announce the opening of its newest experience, the Pulseworks® VR Transporter™. It’s an eye-popping, virtual reality adventure simulator that can take you to the Moon, out for a spacewalk, swimming with prehistoric beasts or zipping through the cosmos.

Virtual reality (VR) is a new technology that enables you to have an immersive presence in a digital world. This VR experience uses high-tech, head-mounted displays to connect you directly with content inside a three-dimensional space. Rather than simply watching a movie, you can change your perspective in the scene and have your own unique experience.

But the VR Transporter takes virtual reality to a whole new level. While typical VR technology simulates the visuals of the real world, the Transporter incorporates motion technology and surround-sound audio to make it feel like you really are in another world. The motion platform pitches and rolls with your movements, giving you the first-person perspective of an astronaut floating around the International Space Station or a diver exploring the ocean depths. The VR Transporter seemingly takes you there.

The VR Transporter accommodates up to four people per ride. Riders can choose from four different scenarios. The experiences available are Spacewalk: Danger in Orbit, giving you a tour around one of humanity’s great engineering triumphs, the International Space Station. You can also check out Cosmos Coaster, which is a white-knuckle journey at fantastic speeds from the Earth to the Moon and many worlds more. Apollo 11 & Beyond has you climbing aboard a massive Saturn V rocket and blasting off to witness humankind’s first inspiring steps on the Moon. Last, Prehistoric Dive VR drops you in a mysterious ocean vortex that carries you back in time to glimpse the amazing marine life of the distant past.

The VR Transporter opens to the public on Saturday, July 20, in the Fleet’s Main Exhibit Gallery and pricing is $8 for visitors and $7 for Fleet members for one ride/one experience.


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