San Diego--For a limited time only, the Fleet Science Center welcomes back Don't Try This at Home, a series of live shows that explore all the science that's too messy, too noisy and too hair-raising to do at home! Hurry in to see it, because the shows will run only from Saturday, January 20, to Sunday, February 4, in the main gallery of the Fleet Science Center.


Attendees will witness the messy combination of a leaf blower and a roll of toilet paper and, if they're brave enough, participate in the Chain of Pain, to see how shocking science can truly be! Don't Try This at Home is fun for all ages, and it's a great way to learn about science.


Come see the amazing science for yourself! Visitors can enjoy multiple shows throughout the day, with one show performed each hour, live, on stage, providing plenty of opportunities to experience Don't Try This at Home. The live science shows are included with admission, so there's no extra charge to see multiple outrageous shows. Each show lasts approximately 15 thrilling minutes and accommodates about 100 courageous viewers. Don't Try This at Home ... but DO hurry! Don't Try This at Home is back at the Fleet for just two short weeks.


Special note to teachers: Did you know that you can bring Don't Try This at Home to your school? Visit the Fleet's Science Assembly Shows page to learn more!


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To schedule a media preview or live, in-studio demonstration ofDon't Try This at Home, please contact Fleet Science Center Communications Manager Karla Nafarrate at 619-685-5743 or


Images for Don't Try This at Home are available on the Fleet's Press Images page:




Below are descriptions of demonstrations that can be performed specifically for television and other media outlets. Demonstrations can be performed in studio or here at the Fleet. All demonstrations can be conducted in under four minutes and participation from the on-air personalities will be encouraged. Our demonstrators will be able to explain the science behind each demonstration, too.


The Toilet Paper Gun: See what happens when a roll of toilet paper is combined with a leaf blower. I'll give you a hint: it's messy! This demonstration shows how air pressure can be used to have fun and make a mess. The demonstration can be conducted at the Fleet or in a television studio. It requires a power outlet and cleanup is easy.


The Cloud Explosion: Liquid nitrogen is mixed with hot water to create an explosion of liquid vapor, followed by a stunning cloud that will flow out of its container and spread an eerie fog all over your studio. This experiment can be performed safely indoors or outdoors. It may lead to some liquid splashing, so outdoors is preferable. Access to hot water is required. Clean up is minimal.


Ping Pong Ball Explosion: A two-liter soda bottle containing liquid nitrogen is buried in a bucket of ping pong balls until the pressure in the soda bottle causes it to burst. There is a very LOUD explosion, followed by ping pong balls flying EVERYWHERE. This spectacular demonstration can be performed indoors, outdoors or here at the Fleet. Due to the noise and the mess it is suggested that news crews come to experience this demonstration at the Fleet.