San Diego, CA—The Fleet Science Center is a county-wide organization working with partners, collaborators and supporters to ensure that the next generation of scientists and engineers are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.    Families and educators are relying on the Fleet Science Center to help keep kids learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and keep our community connected to science. Now, as the new school year starts and the needs of parents, students and teachers are on the rise, supporters can triple their impact by giving to the Fleet's Match Me Twice for Science Campaign.   "Our child was suffering from the socio-emotional isolation of the end of the school year. I could see her really receding into herself. She missed that daily interaction with peers, socializing, and seeing other people. The [Fleet's Summer] camp made such a difference for her," stated a parent of a Fleet summer camp attendee.   The Fleet Science Center's Match Me Twice Campaign started in early August with a pledge from an anonymous family to match every dollar donated with $2. If the goal of $250,000 is reached by December 15, this generous family will donate $500,000, providing critical support to the Fleet Science Center and its education and community initiatives.   Generous community members have made contributions, which total over $129,000, in order to support the Fleet Science Center's efforts to meet the needs of students, parents, educators and community members in this challenging time.    "Being a parent of two school-age boys, I understand the tremendous challenges faced by parents and educators right now," said Peter Preuss, Fleet Science Center Board Chair. "The Fleet Science Center is responding to the rapidly growing needs of the community, providing support for parents and educators, and keeping kids engaged and connected to STEM learning. Donations to this matching campaign will make a significant difference to these efforts and to the Fleet's mission."     Now is the time to make a difference and this extraordinary double match amplifies the impact of all donations. The gifts made will provide critical support to sustain the Fleet Science Center and help leverage science to meet growing community needs.   Science is at the forefront of understanding and solving the current crisis and the work of the Fleet Science Center - connecting everyone to science and science education - is more apparent than ever.   For more information on how to make a gift and have it matched twice, please go to     For more information on the Fleet Science Center, please visit