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Ancient Caves
  • Gina Moseley, Ph.D., crosses the small lake inside the mouth of Grotte de Gournier in Vercors, France.
  • Jonathan Bird (left) and support diver Todd Kelly complete decompression on oxygen after a three-hour dive to Fangorn Forest in Crystal Cave, Abaco, Bahamas.
  • Dr. Gina Moseley and Dr. Larry Edwards analyze a stalagmite sample with the mass spectrometer at the University of Minnesota.

  • A Weddell seal pup and mother. Weddell seal pups feed on extremely rich milk and double their weight in the first two weeks of their life.
  • A gentoo penguin comes face to face with its main predator - the leopard seal.
  • Below the sea ice, the water is a constant -2°C (about 28°F). The high concentration of salt stops the water from freezing, and creatures like these sea anemones grow very slowly and to an old age.
  • A southern right whale emerges.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World


Train Time
  • Experience the journey of a modern freight train traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles.
  • Train Time lets you explore the inner workings of modern railroading.
  • Travel with Train Time to see awe-inspiring landscapes from the Midwest to the West Coast.
  • echnology is a key component of modern railroading; see how in Train Time.

Turtle Odyssey
  • Experience an ocean journey with Bunji.
  • The biggest threat to turtles’ survival is not life in the wild, but in sharing their world with humans.
  • These ancient turtles have survived multiple mass extinctions and play critical roles in maintaining healthy, marine food webs.