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The Fleet Science Center teams up with taste of science for six days of engaging science talks in San Diego

The 2018 taste of science festival takes place April 22-28, throughout San Diego County.

April 16, 2018

San Diego, CA-The Fleet Science Center is teaming up with the nonprofit organization Scientists, Inc. to host the 2018 taste of science festival. The festival provides a unique opportunity to attend accessible science events at your favorite local hangouts.
Have you ever wondered why we find some people more attractive than others? Or how tiny DNA strands make us who we are? Are you looking for some insider tips on surviving the zombie apocalypse? Your questions have answers, and we bring you the brilliant minds who have found them.
"The taste of science festival is a great opportunity to showcase all the scientific minds we have in San Diego while enjoying a drink or bite to eat in a social setting," says Barbara Spencer, city coordinator for San Diego taste of science. "Each event will allow attendees the chance to learn from and engage in dialogue with experts in the field."
This annual festival takes place in 17 cities across the US. Researchers will present their respective work to the public in cafés, bars, museums and parks-places where people have traditionally gone to share ideas and contemplate the world. What makes taste of science different is that it's a festival geared toward adults. "There are so many amazing children's events out there," says David Basanta, Deputy Director of Scientists, Inc. and Associate Professor at Moffitt Cancer Center. "However, people's curiosity doesn't just stop when they become adults. We wanted to create something that would allow grown-ups to learn about and enjoy the wonders of science in their playgrounds."
This year's taste of science festival, in collaboration with the Fleet Science Center, presents a full week of events from April 22 through April 28. The events will feature talks from prominent local scientists who will share their expertise in a fun and engaging way. The talks, similar to the Fleet's Suds & Science events, are for scientists and the general public alike.
"Teaming up with taste of science was an obvious decision for us," said Steve Snyder, President and CEO of the Fleet Science Center. "We want to connect people to the wonder of science, wherever they are. We have already been hosting regular events in bars, such as Suds & Science and Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar®. We've found these programs to be very successful models for engaging with people in San Diego and initiating discussions about science. We hope to do more of the same with taste of science."
This year's exciting line-up for taste of science includes:
  • Climate Science: Past, Present & Future
Jennifer Burney: Is it possible to stabilize our climate and feed the world?
Jeff Severinghaus: Climate, ice cores and our future
Kate Furby: Corals are not dead (yet)
Date & Time: Sunday, April 22, noon to 2 p.m.
Location: Wavelength Brewing, 236 Main St., Vista, CA 92084
Cost: $5 general admission; $8 premium ticket includes a taste of science pint glass
  • Finding & Making Love: The Science of Sex & Attraction
Pascal Gagneux: Mammalian sperm as ultra-successful parasites
Cory Miller: Evolution and biology of attraction
Date & Time: Monday, April 23, 7 to 9 p.m.
Location: Iron Fist Brewing, 1985 National Ave., #1132, San Diego, CA 92113
Cost: $5 general admission; $8 premium ticket includes a taste of science pint glass
  • Gene Editing: A CRISP(R) Explanation
Eugene Yeo: CRISPR and small molecule therapeutics for neuro-muscular disease
Allison Songstad: CRISPR genome editing-a science musical
Date & Time: Tuesday, April 24, 7 to 9 p.m.
Location: Thorn Street Brewing, 3176 Thorn St., San Diego, CA 92104
Cost: $5 general admission; $8 premium ticket includes a taste of science pint glass
  • Tracking Your Health: Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Satchin Panda: Count time-not calories-to stay healthy
Eric Hekler: Exploring ways to improve sleep with self-experimentation
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 25, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Green Flash Brewing, 6550 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121
Cost: $5 general admission; $8 premium ticket includes a taste of science pint glass
  • Let's Get Personal: 23 & You
Abraham Palmer: Genetics of delay discounting: Why do some people want a small reward now while others choose to wait for a big one later?
Jonathan Sebat: DNA, sex and the brain
Date & Time: Thursday, April 26, 7 to 9 p.m.
Location: Stone Brewing and World Bistro & Garden Liberty Station, 2816 Historic Decatur Rd., San Diego, CA 92106
Cost: $5 general admission; $8 premium ticket includes a taste of science pint glass
  • Zombies & Aliens: Science or Fiction?
Brad Voytek: The neuroscience of surviving the zombie apocalypse
Shelley Wright: Advancing the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
Date & Time: Saturday, April 28, noon to 2 p.m.
Location: Park & Rec, 4612 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92116
Cost: $5 general admission; $8 premium ticket includes a taste of science pint glass
About taste of science:
taste of science is an annual festival in cities across the United States. We also have ongoing events in some cities. Every year, our audience grows and we add new locations.With over 150 volunteers across the US who are in training or professionally employed as scientists, engineers, teachers, science communicators or simply science enthusiasts, our shared goal is to help disseminate science to all who are interested. For more information, go to tasteofscience.org/san-diego.  
To schedule a media preview or interview for any of the listed events, please contact Fleet Science Center Communications Manager Karla Nafarrate at 619-685-5743 or knafarrate@rhfleet.org.
Interviews can be scheduled with the Fleet's CEO, Dr. Steve Snyder, as well as many of the presenters, experts and organizers of the Fleet events and the organizers of taste of science San Diego.

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