To save on paper and plastic waste, our membership program has gone digital.  Follow the instructions below or check out our helpful pdf to get started. 

  1. Download the eMembership Card app on Google Play or Apple App Store.  
  2. Search Fleet Science Center and click the icon. 
  3. Click Find My Membership Cards. 
  4. Enter your visual ID associated with your membership and your last name. 
  5. Click Find. 
  6. Click Download My Cards and your membership cards will appear. 
  7. Click Add to Wallet to load your cards to your digital wallet on your phone. (optional)  
  8. To access your eMembership cards, open your digital wallet or open the eMembership Card App and click on Show My Membership Card. 

If you do not want to use the eMembership card app you can 

  • Use the cards in the confirmation email of online membership purchases or enter your member ID to download your primary member card 
  • Download cards through the Member Portal 
  • Purchase plastic cards at the Ticket Counter for $5 per card