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Ready to leave the digital world behind and embrace the joy of play? Our Pause|Play exhibition invites you to hit pause on your busy lives and recapture the nostalgia of play. Science has shown that play offers numerous cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits at any age—but we think it’s just downright fun! 

From scoring with the right color ball at our dynamic Basketball Court to experimenting with shadow colors in Color Your Shadow, discover how light and perception alter your view of the world. Build and compare sand landscapes in Dig In!, navigate through a ball pool in Free Swim, and test your balance in Hopscotch. Create colorful patterns in Light it Up!, watch images transform as you move in Move it, Move it!, and play with perspective in Pause to Reflect. Challenge physics with the Speed Slide, have a perplexing game of catch on Give It a Whirl, observe mesmerizing patterns with Swinging Sand, and enjoy the unique stability of our Tippy Chairs

Pause|Play brings your favorite childhood pastimes to life in a modern indoor space, where the only rule is to have fun! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and dive into a world of fun and discovery at the Fleet Science Center. 

Esta exposición incluye descripciones en español.

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