Step into a world where you can unveil the secrets of light and color, captivating your senses and sparking your curiosity. Dive deep into the fascinating realms of darkness, visible and invisible light, and color. Each area offers a unique and interactive experience that will illuminate and enlighten.  

The key areas to explore 

  • How Dark is Dark? Begin in the dark, where you'll understand how light has direction and see what is blacker than black. 
  • Light We Can’t See: Venture into the invisible light realm, discovering the wonders of infrared and ultraviolet light. 
  • Light We Can See: Dive into the visible light spectrum, explore optics and the concept that colors are created by reflected light. 
  • Color: Mix hues, illuminate your surroundings and saturate your senses. 

Let's start this adventure and explore the wonders of Color in a New Light together! 

A man tossing a ball into the air in a room that makes everything look shades of brown
A woman sits on the floor watching a child play with a huge light brite in the dark
Two older adults walk past a lit circle on a wall. Their shadows are multiple colors.
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