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Kid City

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Block Corner

Fire Truck

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Light Block Exploration

Nutrition Interactive

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Fun in Kid City

The Factory

The city that never sleeps is back!

Kid City is open for our 5 and under friends.

Please note: Access to Kid City is on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

The excitement starts at the Ball Wall with its multiple chutes, tracks and moving objects. Nearby kids can direct an air blower in different directions to make musical sounds or send a set of colorful pinwheels rotating round-and-round.
The Little Learner’s Lab features a space for exploration at our computer station and magnet wall. For young children still in the crawling stage, the infant area is a safe space for babies to move about and explore soft, sloped, and bumpy surfaces. The Fire Truck is a fun place for kids to turn different knobs and mimic levers similar to those found on a real fire truck. The city-street layout throughout the exhibition teaches street safety in a fun and interactive way!

Fire Station

Kids can hop in the driver’s seat of the new fire truck, or turn multiple levers to mimic the knobs found on a real fire truck.

Infant Area

Just for crawlers! This special infant-only area for children still in the crawling stage provides a safe space for exploring a variety of surfaces.

Ball Wall

Multiple chutes, tracks, and moving objects are a source of excitement and awe for the young visitors. Children can explore the physics of movement and cause and effect as they turn various cranks for different reactions.


Kids will love climbing through the four level of the Factory, or working to move items along the conveyor belt.

Grocery Store

Kids can weigh, sort, match, compare, and sell “fruit” and “vegetables” of various shapes, colors, and sizes. They’ll have fun filling their shopping cart as they learn basic math concepts. An interactive nutrition model also teaches children the importance of making healthy food choices. A delivery vehicle provides the opportunity for loading and unloading their groceries and produce.

Little Learner’s Lab

The Young Explorer computer stations feature age-appropriate computer games that teach math, science and reading skills. 

Magnetic Wall

Spell it out! Kids can spell words, count numbers and make designs with magnetic letters and numbers.

Block Corner

Kids can stack’em up or knock’em down! 

This exhibition is made possible by generous gifts and grants from the Donald C. and Elizabeth M. Dickinson Foundation, the Nierman Family Fund at the San Diego Jewish Community Foundation, an Anonymous Donor, the Mandell Weiss Charitable Trust, and a sponsorship from ScholarShare College Savings Plan.

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