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Design Zone

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Can you crossfade tracks in a smooth groove? Get bodies moving on the dance floor? How does a high amplitude half-pipe really work? Design is everywhere we look and in everything we do, and STEM is behind it all.

Design Zone explores concepts like patterns, variables, scale, slope and ratios used by artists, architects, engineers, musicians and other innovators.

The exhibition is organized into three interactive areas that highlight the relationship between mathematical thinking and the creative process. In each area, you’ll solve real-world challenges and discover that math isn’t just a subject in school—it’s one of the coolest creative tools we have to design and invent everything in the world of art, music, entertainment and extreme sports.

In Design Zone you can:

  • Create your own  art and explore the math behind visual creativity. See your designs emerge on an enormous coordinate grid, leap to the next level as you set the variables in a video game and find your way through a digital maze on a giant tilt table!
  • Put together music tracks at a DJ recording studio, match beats on a set of simulated turntables, create a laser light show at a virtual dance party and more! 
  • Build a custom digital roller coaster, design your own skate park, and go behind the scenes at a bike race where you can test gear combinations, select a course and ride your cycle in a virtual competition!

Visit Design Zone at the Fleet Science Center and create your experience!

The creation of Design Zone was made possible by the generous support of the National Science Foundation. The exhibition was produced and is toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).

Design Zone is presented at the Fleet Science Center through the generous support of:

The Kenneth T. and Eileen L.The City of San DiegoReuben H. Fleet Foundation Fun