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A Message from the Exhibits Department 

Studio X is open for faciltiated public hours for all of your eXperiencing, eXploring, eXpressing and eXperimenting needs. If you are not quite ready to visit us on-site, our Studio X team has been creating some awesome videos on FLEETtv and you can check them out here.  If you have a question about a project or need help sourcing materials, please reach out to our team and we can help you with all your making and tinkering needs. See you soon!


Email: Studio@rhfleet.org 


Going Places Activities

February 1-May 3

Be your own engineer, pilot or driver! Get into gear with projects inspired by our latest exhibition, Going Places, and explore the science of transportation. Our makerspace will feature weekly hands-on activities and projects around transportation concepts like making your own derby track or hovercrafts.

Projects are available on a first come, first served basis and are subject to change while supplies last. Please note that a different activity will be available each week. Want to know what we're making before you visit? Give us a call! 

Upcoming projects include:

Derby Tracks 

Design and build your own derby car using a wood, pieces of hardware, and hand tools. Decorate your car with various craft materials and race them down our track! Will yours win the race?

Wind Tubes

Using recycled materials, engineer an aerodynamic vessel that is light enough to float but heavy enough to stay hovering inside the wind tube. Can you complete this challenge?

Wind Powered Cars

Using various recycled materials, design and build a wind-powered car that will travel through our car ramp and go the distance!

Transportation Automata

Use handtools and recycled materials like cardboard to build a mechanism designed to follow a fixed sequence of actions called an automaton. These handmade machines can spin around, move up and down and more.


Using cardboard, straws and different sizes of balloons, test and launch your very own monorail.

Paper Airplanes

Explore different paper airplanes designs by using various types of paper and origami folding techniques. Test it out and see which design has the longest trajectory.


Embrace your inner engineer and get creative building your very own spacecraft using recycled materials and hand tools. 


Can you make a CD hover? With just a few items, your challenge is to make a hovercraft that will travel the distance.

“Land Yachts” / Sail Boats

Can you design and build a sailboat that will float on water? Explore the physics of water using some of our materials and hand tools to complete this task. 

On the Blog 

The Moment of Truth

By Jackie Valentine

Just a few weeks ago, the Fleet hosted our second Paper Airplane Day in the theater lobby. Participants mixed aerodynamics with origami techniques to construct a properly balanced plane. The planes had to be the right size and shape to generate enough lift to fly. No cuts or tape were allowed. Drawing on the templates of the current paper airplane distance world record holder, we explored sophisticated “nose locking” folds that helped keep the nose end components of the plane together during flight.

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Make Your Own Cardboard Automata

A completed automata.

Building automata is one of our favorite activities at the Tinkering Studio. It is a great way to explore how cams and levers work as well as how to incorporate movement into your art. Automaton tells a story through its motion.

Simple automata are easy to make. We like to use cardboard boxes as a frame, but you can also use other materials such as wood or plastic cups. There are many types of automata. Look on the web for many inspirational works by automata artists who create these amazing moving machines.

For more details and step by step instructions, check out our blog