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Spring Camps

Grades 1-3

Spring Camps

Spring Camps
Spring Camps

Spring Camps
Spring Camps

Spring Camps

Thank you to everyone who joined us for 2022 Spring Camps! We had a great time and we hope to see you again next spring! Join Spring Camps at the Fleet, where new adventures await each day! Grades 1–3 enjoy a variety of fun and educational STEAM activities and themes. Topics vary each year, but check out the list below for previous topics.

If you have any additional questions contact the Education Coordinator.

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Members $250 
Nonmembers $275
Prices listed are for five (5) days of camp.

Spring Camp Topics 2022

In the Ocean: Explore the big blue ocean, including water chemistry, boat building and more.

In the Air: Up, up and away! This camp will get you fascinated about weather and flying objects.

Thinking Green: Experiment with hydropower and water filters. Campers will also learn how to upcycle materials to help reduce unnecessary waste.

The Great Outdoors: Rocks, trees, animal identifiers and more make this camp exciting for any adventurer.

Extreme Conditions: Learn about extreme climates, like deserts and tundra, and discover what humans do to tolerate extreme situations.



Connecting You to More Opportunities 

We want to connect you and your families to learning opportunities of interest in San Diego County. The San Diego STEM Ecosystem website is a one-stop shop where you can find something for everyone. Over 200 partner organizations are sharing their programs there!