The Fleet Science Center is a proud partner for the 2024 AIR Show.

From April 13–15, immerse yourself in the world's largest event at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution in Education, designed for educators, administrators, founders, investors, professionals, and enthusiasts. Discover new skills and tools to propel your career forward. Delve into the excitement of what lies beyond the horizon. Engage in community-building activities and connect with thought leaders, peers, learners, and over 125 leading companies driving the AI Revolution. Join us on April 14 as we host a community meetup event. Let's shape our future together! 

Think, Share & Dream: AI Meetup

Join the Fleet Science Center for an interactive meet-up where educators and industry professionals converge to share their dreams and concerns surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in education.

In this collaborative setting, educators can express their needs for meaningful integration of AI in the classroom while learning from the Fleet Science Center's informal science education workshops and experiences with AI. Industry leaders can gain insights into how to support educators effectively. Through open dialogue and shared expertise, participants can brainstorm ideas to bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering innovative approaches to AI integration that empower learners for the digital era. Additionally, there will be hands-on science fun for all participants, providing a relaxed atmosphere for networking and play.

The Fleet Science Center is excited to present this inspiring exchange of ideas and shape the future of AI in education together.


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