Summer (Camp) Lovin'

Image of 5 students experimenting with water and sodium

Did you know that Fleet's Summer Science Camps are a great way to keep your children and grandchildren involved in science education all year long?  Just ask Mike Pineda, a Fleet member, who has been registering his eight year old twin boys in education programs for the past two years.

“The Fleet was always one of my favorite places to take my boys. As we started going more frequently, it made sense to purchase a membership,” said Mike. After trying a few camps and seeing how excited his sons were, he enrolled them again last year. 

“Whenever I pick the boys up, they always tell me about what they did that day and what they learned. For example, when they did ‘Chemistry in the Kitchen,’ they were fascinated by the physical and chemical reactions the Fleet staff demonstrated.  They also enjoyed making space suits with jet packs (out of paper bags and plastic bottles, of course), and more.”

Week-long summer camps run from June 18 through August 14.  Registration is now open and Fleet members save $15 on each camp.  Mike has already registered for this summer, “I feel good about sending them to a place that presents science in a fun and exciting way—especially since it is a place they enjoy going back to.”