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A “Spirited” Discussion

Sometimes, the most interesting discussions occur over a beer or a glass of your favorite vino. (Bonus points if you can remember what was said the next morning!) That’s the concept behind Suds & Science, a monthly event that brings scientists face-to-face with the general public in a neighborhood bar. Each session kicks off with a short and enlightening presentation, after which the floor is open for discussion between the audience and the speaker. We cover a wide variety of topics that can range from the science of beer to superhero physics to the genius of genomes. We invite you to come sit back, sip your favorite beverage and participate in the discussion. Suds & Science puts the fun and spirit(s) back into learning. 


Schedule 2021


April 12
7 to 8:30 p.m.

Topic: From Inventory to Blueprint—Determining the Functions of Essential Genes

Thanks to genome sequencing efforts from ~20 years ago, scientists have an inventory list of all the genes that are required to build an organism. Have you ever wondered how scientists figure out the function of those genes and convert inventory lists into models and blueprints? What does each gene do and how do gene products work together to build cells, tissues, and organisms? Dr. Rebecca Green has been working for the past 15 years to decipher the function of essential genes. Her work sits at the interface of systems biology, computational biology, genetics, and cell and developmental biology.  Rebecca Green, Ph.D. is a Visiting Scientist at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, and Bioinformatics Scientist at UC San Diego, where she spearheads an effort to functionally map essential developmental pathways using cutting-edge microscopy-based methods and the model organism C. elegans. Rebecca earned her Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis, was an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, and is the author of numerous top-tier scientific papers and book chapters. Green has explored different biological questions at small and large scales, using bacterial systems, model organisms and human cells throughout her scientific career. She has always been drawn to microscopy-based approaches to answer scientific questions because of its versatility, beauty, and the effectiveness of an image to communicate complex ideas. 

Location: Virtual through zoom

Cost: $5-$20, The Fleet Science Center is happy to provide tiered pricing to make this event affordable, while also allowing attendees to support the Fleet if they can, making it possible for the Fleet to offer programs like these. 

May 10
7 to 8:30 p.m.

Topic: Crossing Every Ocean For Science

Melissa Miller has traveled 150,000 miles on research vessels and spent more than 4 years of her life at sea while working at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Join us as she shares more about her, often isolated, life at sea, which used to be hard for her to explain, but we all know something about isolation these days. Melissa will share with us what her work at sea looks like and how her work helps scientists learn about how ocean temperatures, pH, and oxygen levels are changing and what that means for us all. The audience will also get to learn more about the instruments she uses to collect samples, which range from cutting-edge technology to some that have been used for centuries. She hasn't been replaced by a robot - yet. Melissa has crossed every ocean and been to the North Pole with scientists and crew members from countries all over the world, each trip is a unique experience. She also works as a science writer and is always looking for new topics to translate from scientific jargon into stories everyone can understand.

Location: Virtual through zoom

Cost: $5-$20, The Fleet Science Center is happy to provide tiered pricing to make this event affordable, while also allowing attendees to support the Fleet if they can, making it possible for the Fleet to offer programs like these. 

If you missed our special Suds & Science series: San Diego’s Amazing Race to Combat COVID-19, you can watch the these and other science talks on the Fleet Science Center's YouTube Channel.

Developing a Vaccine in Record Time - Dr. Francesca Torriani, Program director of Infection Prevention & Clinical Epidemiology at UC San Diego Health and Infectious Disease Specialist,  and Dr. Kate Broderick, VP of Preclinical Research & Development at Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

The Need for Speed in Finding Treatments - Dr. Evan Snyder, Dr. Sandra Leibel, Dr. Laura Riva and Dr. Xin Yin from the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute 

Antibodies to the Rescue - Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire from the La Jolla Institute for Immunology 

The Importance of Testing Everyone - Dr. Rob Knight, founding Director of the Center for Microbiome Innovation and Professor of Pediatrics, Bioengineering and Computer Science & Engineering at UC San Diego and co-founder of the American Gut Project and the Earth Microbiome Project, and Dr. Lauge Farnaes, physician in infectious diseases at Rady Children’s Hospital and Assistant Clinical Professor in Pediatrics at UC San Diego