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Neighborhood Networks

Neighborhood Networks are an opportunity to bring together partners, living or working in a community, to understand community needs and aspirations. Neighborhood Networks convene and involve diverse partners including:  community members, school/school districts, community-based organizations, afterschool/out-of-school time providers, museums, science centers and zoos, higher education/research Institutions, business & industry, professional, trade & student associations, libraries, family/parent organizations, and local government 

Neighborhood Networks are a great platform for local organizations to build relationships and work together to reach common goals through collective action. 

Current Neighborhood Networks include: 

  • Barrio Logan

  • Clairemont

  • Escondido 

  • National City 

  • San Ysidro  

  • Southeastern San Diego


To learn more or get involved, visit: STEM Ecosystem Neighborhood Networks