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10:00am to 5:00pm

Mystery at the Museum

The Annual Fleet Gala

Two white men stand either side of a white woman. All three smile at the camera and cheers wine glasses

A white woman and asian man stand together. They are both wearing a detectives hat and the man has a white tipped pipe in his mouth. They are both facing the camera and lightly cheersing wine glasses.

Four younger people stand together. One white man, a latino woman, and two latino men stand in a line and smile at the camera. The woman has a blue fan unfolded in front of her with the word 'Okurrr' painted on the front.

A black man and black woman stand close together in a darkly lit room with purple, blue, and pink uplighting in the background. They are in a dining area with white roses behind and near them.

Two older white men and a black man stand together with wine glasses

You made Mystery at the Museum a spectacular evening. Funds raised support the Fleet Science Center’s community initiatives and ongoing STEM programming.  

As the community recovers from recent educational setbacks, the Fleet continues to engage thousands of children and adults across San Diego County. Supporters like you made the gala a tremendous success, raising over $200,000 to further serve the Fleet’s mission of connecting community members to the wonders and possibilities of science to build a better future.

Thank you for your support. 


Gala Photos