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Science has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool for understanding and shaping how we understand the world around us. It has become essential to our economic, civic and cultural prosperity, not just for each of us as individuals, but for our entire region. We view our work as a science center at the service of, and in collaboration with, community. With this in mind, it is imperative that we work together to realize a San Diego where everyone can access and connect to the power of science.

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Neighborhood Networks

Working with San Diego County’s Neighborhoods.

San Diego STEM Ecosystem

When we surround San Diego residents with STEM-rich learning environments, our region, individuals and businesses can reach their full potential.

Science Communication

Interactive, hands-on professional development opportunities for science and engineering professionals.

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Educator Workshops

Educator workshops for teachers, after-school providers and informal educators.


SciTech inspires girls to become innovative and creative thinkers by fostering excitement and interest in science, technology and engineering.


Engaging young women in science, technology, engineering and math.


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Science Near Me

Traveling outside San Diego County? Find virtual and in-person STEM learning opportunities wherever you are with Science Near Me




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