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Ring of Fire

This 1991 film showcases the immense natural forces of the great circle of volcanoes and seismic activity that ring the Pacific Ocean, and the varied people and cultures that coexist with them. Spectacular volcanic eruptions are featured, including Mount St. Helens, Navidad in Chile, Sakurajima in Japan and Mount Merapi in Indonesia. Extensive aerial photography and computer animation help tell the story of the geologic forces that impact the area. Viewers will witness the annual evacuation drill held on the Japanese volcanic island of Sakurajima, on the anniversary of the cataclysmic eruption in 1914. The Sakurajima volcano is still active, menacing the 7,000 people of Sakurajima with frequent ash falls and the danger of more serious eruptions. A team of geologists, anthropologists, computer animators and filmmakers worked for over seven years to explore the great boundary in the Earth’s crust where more than three-fourth’s of the world’s active volcanoes are located. 

Running time: 42 minutes.


"… From scenes of a fiery volcanic eruption in Hawaii to staggering views of flattened forests on Mount St. Helens … takes viewers on an awe-inspiring journey around the globe to witness the power of nature." —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“… While keeping the audience visually spellbound, Ring of Fire also informs and educates through refreshingly unobtrusive—and admirably restrained—narration … More than a remarkable film—it’s a remarkable adventure.” San Diego Union-Tribune