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To The Limit

To the Limit, perhaps the most innovative giant screen film ever made, explores the outer limits of human performance. But what of the equally amazing internal orchestrations of the human body that make such physical acts possible? To the Limit presents staggeringly beautiful scenes from inside the body that reveal its miraculous ability to adapt to the demands of intense physical action. Special camera equipment developed just for this film takes you on a “miniature helicopter ride” through the heart, arteries, and even down to the microscopic level to witness the actual oxygen exchange of red blood cells in tiny air sacs of the lungs. Featuring famed American rock climber Tony Yaniro, champion ski racer Maria Walliser and Bolshoi Ballet prima ballerina Nina Ananiashvili, To the Limit defines and explores entirely new realms of cinematic experience. Photographed in the Soviet Union, England and the United States. This 1989 film is in delicate condition and is rarely screened—don't miss this special showing! 38 minutes