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The Human Body

The Human Body reveals the incredible story of life. In astonishing detail, this large-format film presents a look at the biological processes that go on without our control and often without our notice. Throughout the film, we follow a family from dawn to dusk as they go about their daily routines. But this is no ordinary story. This is the tale of what takes place beneath the skin—a tale that allows us to see the extraordinary accomplishments of our everyday lives.

The everyday biological processes that keep us ticking are all in a day's work for the human body. Finding a way to film and illustrate those activities for a 76-foot Dome screen required a cinematic inventiveness that was anything but routine. The Human Body incorporates groundbreaking computer graphics with stunning real-life images to create a day in the life of a human body. And provide images it does! The Human Body provides a glimpse of:

  • The 100 billion new red blood cells the body generates each morning
  • The 40 yards of new hair that sprouts every day
  • A human egg nestling into the folds of a fallopian tube
  • A thermal image of a child riding a bicycle
  • A trip on a tomato, from mouth to stomach
  • Babies able to hold their breath under water
  • The inside of an ear as cells actually dance to music

More than a science lesson in biology, The Human Body takes us on an exhilarating personal journey of discovery about what it means to be human. Using innovative filmmaking techniques, combined with the latest medical and scientific imaging, it shows us the ordinary miracles that keep our bodies running at full steam from morning ‘til night and the extraordinary marvels of life.

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