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Deep Sea

Sea Life in a Whole New Way

Directed by San Diego resident and world-renowned underwater cinematographer Howard Hall, DEEP SEA will transport audiences deep below the ocean surface to swim with some of the most exotic creatures on the planet, from the bizarre Rainbow Nudibranch to the Giant Pacific Octopus. DEEP SEA was produced by Toni Myers (BLUE PLANET, DESTINY IN SPACE) and Michele Hall, executive produced by Graeme Ferguson and narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, with an original score by Danny Elfman.

Complementing the educational mission of the Fleet, DEEP SEA will inspire audiences, not only with breathtaking views of the tremendous diversity of marine life but also by illustrating the importance of interrelationships between animals to the health of the environment. From the Mantis Shrimp—who engages in a one-on-one, matador-like challenge with a threatening octopus—to the Green Sea Turtle—who allows schools of fish aestheticians to clean its shell of unwanted algae—DEEP SEA focuses on the unusual and often surprising alliances struck between some of the world’s most extraordinary animals.

“In the rainforest, in the ocean—it’s the same thing,” said Howard Hall. “Coral reefs and various ocean habitats are communities of animals, and there are certainly predator/prey relationships that are important, but there are also cooperative ones between species that are of critical importance. The message that we’re trying to get out in the film is that biodiversity is important because these ecosystems are communities. When too many members are removed, the community goes.”

DEEP SEA brings moviegoers face to face with these underwater inhabitants to witness their peculiar and amazing behavior as they rely on one another for survival.

“Our goal is really to take you on a magical journey underwater to places that most of us have never been,” said DEEP SEA Producer Toni Myers. “Even with a large number of people who do scuba dive, lots of them have never met these characters or seen how they interact with other animals. DEEP SEA includes moments that Howard himself has never filmed before, even in his long and varied career in undersea photography. These creatures are scary, beautiful, funny—it’s such a vivid illustration of the astonishing array of the diversity of life.”

DEEP SEA reunites the dynamic filmmaking team that produced the very first IMAX underwater film, INTO THE DEEP (1994). This breakthrough in filmmaking led Howard Hall and his crew to push the envelope once again, diving in nine different locations to profile animals that have never been seen in IMAX before. Filming locations ranged from the Sea of Cortez, where they witnessed the mesmerizing strobe-like color changes of the Humboldt Squid at night, to three different spots off the coast of California. Near Catalina Island, the DEEP SEA team captured one of the most exciting scenes in the film, featuring the fearless, 11-inch long Mantis Shrimp, with a claw that has been clocked as fast as a 22-caliber bullet! The team also filmed near the Breakwater at Monterey and from the beaches of beautiful La Jolla Shores.

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