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Talking With the Tinkering Studio

By Ally Browne, Marketing Intern

For a limited time, the Tinkering Studio has expanded into the main gallery, giving tinkerers both young and old a chance to let their inner inventor out with fun new projects. Along with the extra space, the studio also has extended hours, always open whenever the Fleet is open, with both unfacilitated and facilitated activities.

“It’s been fun. We’ve been busy, especially in the morning,” said Kristi Porter, Tinkering Studio Coordinator. “So many people didn’t realize we were here. Now we have a lot more visitors since we are the first thing they see when they come in. A lot of parents tell us they never even get to see the rest of the museum … They have to drag their children away from the Tinkering Studio!”

The Tinkering Studio allows visitors to experiment using a variety of materials and tools, with your imagination as the limit. “This is a place for hands-on creation and exploration without having a specific goal in mind. We are more interested in the process of learning than the final result,” said Kristi. Visitors can create origami, mechanical toys, roller coasters, buildings, jewelry and anything else they can think of using the tools and the recyclable materials found in the studio.

The Tinkering Studio will be on the Fleet’s main gallery floor through Sunday, April 12, 2015. They will then move back to their original location in the southwest corner of the building, on the first floor, near Cellular Journey. The Tinkering Studio will reopen on April 18, 2015.

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