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Stargazing From Home With Kids: Beginner’s Guide

By Evan Dunn 
There’s no time like the present to introduce your child to the fun of gazing up at the stars. It’s a great family activity and it doesn’t take a lot of effort, expertise, or money to accomplish. You can ignite in your child a lifelong love of astronomy and science and give them a new way of looking at the universe and our place in it. Who knows, your child may become a future International Space Station astronaut!
Why stargaze?
Children naturally look up at the stars and wonder what’s out there. Don’t let that sense of fascination disappear in the hustle and bustle of the world and the pull of technology like video games. Colorful, shimmering auroras, constellations and their histories, comets, and meteor showers, along with planets and moons have held the interest of scientists and enthusiasts for centuries.
With just a little bit of homework and learning on your own, you can encourage your child’s interest in astronomy. You can all travel the Milky Way and beyond with only a star chart or app and your eyes.
Tips to get started from home
To help your children develop a love of stargazing, you’ll need to foster some knowledge yourself. Become familiar with the solar system, planets, major constellations, and more so that you can discuss these with your kids. It’s also fun to learn these things alongside your children. Your local library and the internet have lots of resources available to help you on your journey. We have some more tips to help you set up great stargazing opportunities.
Read more from Evan Dunn at porch.com

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