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Now Accepting Applications for SciTech

SciTech participants from Encanto Middle School

The Fleet is currently accepting applications to bring the popular SciTech program to your school for the 2017–2018 school year.

SciTech provides an engaging environment for girls in grade 4–6 to explore, investigate and learn through collaborative STEM challenges. Last year students were challenged to design devices to clean up the Great Pacific garbage patch, a gyre of trash and marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean. In the weeks prior to the challenge students learned about different categories of trash and the animals that reside in environments affected by trash across the globe. Working in teams the students proposed and built devices that could remove the trash without disrupting the local ecosystem.

Each school that hosts the SciTech program selects 25 students to participate each year. The classes take place weekly after school and are led by Fleet Science Center educators. The hands-on science classes touch upon all the STEM fields; science, technology, engineering and math. Other activities in past years included solar powered cars and investigating the chemistry behind cosmetics.

Throughout the SciTech year, female role models in science and academia visit schools to offer their personal stories and insights into STEM careers. The SciTech program is an excellent way to foster science literacy, promote self-confidence and make science accessible to young girls.

The ultimate highpoint of SciTech is the Tech Challenge Competition, held every year at the Fleet. Each school votes for two teams to participate in the challenge. The participants put into practice all that they learn as they put their SciTech solution to the test against other teams.

Science shouldn’t end with the last bell of the school day. If you are interested in bringing SciTech to your school, consider applying today! Applications for SciTech are now OPEN! Apply soon! They’re due by July 1, 2017.

For more information, visit the SciTech page on the Fleet’s website.

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